LETTER: Linda Cerva for Aurora Public Schools Board


I believe Linda Cerva would be the proper candidate to serve on the APS Board because she is passionate, learned and aware of the conditions of APS.  She is ready and wanting to have our education system work not just for the kids future but for the parents.  With the parents being aware of their kids future, they can also live a healthy and secure life knowing their kids have the best education and caring school board that will thrive to assure the kids will have the best future possible and will be able to go beyond the minimal expectations.

The kids will also be more vibrant on knowing they have a future and will be able to engage more for themselves knowing a person like Linda Cerva will give her all in their education, not just mentally but personally!!  With Linda Cerva on the school board it gives a new enlightened opportunity for different outlook for our kids and community.

Linda Cerva has always supported the education system from afar and has chosen to step up and have a direct contact in our children and the community they live in.  Her drive for a better education system is what is needed for the kids of our tomorrow.  I for one will be honored in having her on the school board knowing my child will be in great hands because Linda Cerva has his best interest at heart not just now while he is in high school but in his future beyond!!!

Linda Cerva for APS Board is the best change and greatest future for APS!!!!!!

Rachelle Abbott