LETTER: Let Coffman get Aurora in the fast lane


EDITOR: Part of what informs my vote for mayor of Aurora is the specificity of a candidate’s plans and proposals. It’s for this reason I am casting my vote for Mike Coffman. His plans transcend typical political platitudes and demonstrate thoughtful solutions for Aurora.

Take reducing commute times, for instance. This is an issue that is relevant to almost every Aurora resident. Coffman proposes to implement cutting-edge, smart city technologies, such as “adaptive traffic signaling”. This entails “adjusting the time intervals of the traffic signals based on real-time traffic conditions instead of by a synchronized system that is relatively inflexible,” as described by his website. What a great idea!

Coffman also proposes to work with other metro area mayors to develop and implement plans to address traffic congestion through regional solutions. This will require working with federal, state and local governments, stakeholders that Coffman – and Coffman alone – has experience working with.

One candidate for Mayor has the experience, vision and plans that can make a difference for Aurora: Mike Coffman.

Joe Paulo — via [email protected]