LETTER: It’s not too soon to joint the fight for Colorado’s National Popular Vote solution


EDITOR: The 2020 presidential election is still months away, but already we are hearing about 12 “battleground” states that always decide who wins because they have a propensity to swing back and forth between Democrat and Republican every four years.

Because they are much more predictable, the other 38 states and DC are merely spectators – places candidates go only to raise money, not engage voters.

A National Popular Vote would effectively eliminate battleground states by compelling candidates to campaign across all 50 states. That’s because a candidate would need to win the majority of individual votes across the nation in order to receive the 270 electoral votes necessary to become President.

With Colorado’s National Popular Vote law, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact now has jurisdictions that combine 196 of the 270 electoral votes needed to become effective. A YES vote on next November’s referendum will ensure that the law stands, making Colorado a key player in ensuring that every Coloradan, and every American, will always be politically relevant in every presidential election. The people win under a National Popular Vote!

Diane Alexander, Buena Vista  — via [email protected]