LETTER: Home security services are a bad joke


DEAR EDITOR: I would like to know why the Home Security Industry gets to have perpetual contracts in their business dealings with the public.

I could understand an initial contract because of equipment placed in a residence upon original sign on. However just a few years into this contract a new company may have your contract who actually has no invested interest in your home except receiving payment; also whom you did not sign on with — you were transferred to. So a homeowner signs on with good faith intentionn; put system on mantel so it can watch over your home. You pay and pay and pay, then years down the road even if you kept track of your time on the calendar you may need to move, You are caught on a hook, not allowed to cancel.They are protected from your every move. You could end up paying a $1,000 or more to get out so be very careful signing with a home security service. Do not under any circumstances let anyone get into your bank account because you can’t get them out.

They could be the only burgulary you ever have.It happened to us after paying in for 18 years. Obviously no one is watching.

I am confident this is not only unethical but should be illeagal of the FCC to allow them to collect for service they know they will not be providing. How many homes a day, week or year does this industry profit from in this manner? A teriffic cash cow. Excuse me all small business should know of this loophole and you would never go out of business.

— Richard Ziegler, Aurora, via [email protected]