LETTER: Gratitude grant awarded to Summit Rehabilitation


EDITOR: Summit Rehabilitation and Care Community was awarded a gratitude grant by the National and Local Elks Lodge No. 1921 and Fraternal Organization. The gratitude grant was initially proposed by lodge member and trustee, Ray Lisberger, after meeting with Summit Rehabilitation community members to discuss how their lodge could better improve the lives of the residents. The grant, which was approved from the national foundation will provide a speaker amplification system for the residents to utilize during council meetings and events, renovation of its community gazebo, as well as an event to be held for the residents of the community and members of the local lodge to celebrate the completion of the service project. Ryan Burmood, administrator of Summit said, “Our community is very lucky to have been considered and granted this grant as well as the new opportunity for our community to be involved with members of the lodge.”

The Elks Lodge 1921 has been part of the Aurora community since 1954. It has a long history of community service through its fraternal organization on a local and national level. Its membership, of more than 200 individuals, holds fundraisers for charity works for the community it serves. These include supporting veterans through appreciation events, Hoop Shoot events — which aid in helping children to face challenges and adversity — and the support of local Cub Scout packs, They also provide college scholarships and complete supply drives and activity events for Laradon Hall, that support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The other gratitude grant that is being completed this year is called Snack 2 Learn. The lodge will help younger students who are affected by hunger with snacks and educational support. Richard Guerrero and Ray Lisberger, two members and officers of the lodge said, “Our partnership with Summit Rehabilitation is just one of the many ways our organization is working to build stronger communities as well as improving the quality of life in the communities that we serve.”

A kick-off and dedication event will be held at 2 p.m. May 1, at Summit Rehabilitation and Care Community, 500 Geneva St. in Aurora. Members from the Elks Lodge will meet with residents, families and staff to talk about the gratitude grant project, as well as build new relationships with neighbors in the community.

— Ryan Burmood, Nursing Home Administrator, Summit Rehabilitation and Care Community via [email protected]