LETTER: Do we really need more growth?


DEAR EDITOR: I see on page 2 that your feeling about growth is bring it on.

You say “Aurora is a great place to be”.  In part because of “consumer opportunities”.  I’m an occasional visitor to Aurora, unfortunately due to the fine hospital UCH.  I can’t think of one reason that Aurora is a “great place to be”.  Aurora is just another over built, car orientated, over developed sprawl.

I didn’t see one mention in all of your “Newcomers Guide” about the efforts the community is making to combat global warming.  Instead, every page is “business as usual”.  Bring on the growth.  And the great thing about growth is that more growth is needed to provide the services  the first part needs.  But all that means plenty of profit for developers.  What would you do without developers?

I see that your staff raked in a “bevy” of awards.  None that I could see touched on the environment. Wait: Johansson did an article on Anschutz.  Sorry, I could not find the article in Google.

I saw the Trump reference.  We do need the “watchdogs”. 

We have to re-envision  life in the industrial-consumer economy/society.  The answer is not more lanes on -I70.  The answer is not infinite development.

We have already exceeded the carrying capacity of the planet.  We have to find a way to repay that account. Rather than grow, improve.  My community doesn’t get it either.

— Patrick Hunter, Carbondale, via [email protected]