LETTER: Cory Gardner’s actions speak louder than his words


Editor: Actions speak louder than words.

Please do not listen to the hollow and lying words coming from all the ads for our current GOP Senator Cory Gardner. He lied just prior to his last election and enough folks thought he might do good things for them, until he won and then he “FORGOT” everything he said and just went along and voted for whatever Moscow Mitch McConnell told him to vote for.

On virtually every issue of concern for Colorado and the nation since then, Gardner has disregarded the wishes of the majority of Colorado voters and citizens, and voted the other way.  70% of Colorado wants X, and Gardner votes Y.  He does not represent the majority in Colorado. So he doesn’t listen, besides doesn’t DO what he SAYS he will do.   Actions speak louder than words/promises.

Gardner’s other major problem is that he doesn’t seem to have a voice. His silence is deafening. On virtually every issue of importance, Gardner never makes a statement.  When DACA was approved by the Supreme Court and Trump totally disregarded the SCOTUS verdict, Gardner was silent and has never spoken up to support DACA. He also is SILENT on DREAMERS. When his own political monetary supporters were nominated by Trump to become Cabinet members, Gardner was silent and then voted to confirm them.   (DeVos was a major Gardner supporter). Very convenient, for sure.

On just about every judicial appointee, regardless of their disqualifications or inability to judge, Gardner just goes ahead and confirms his vote. He could be called Rubber-Stamp-Cory. He will disregard the facts and evidence to go ahead and confirm anyone.  Of course he would have voted not to confirm Judge Garland (Obama choice) but McConnell saved him by not allowing Garland to be considered (that coined the McConnell Rule which all Republicans are now being hypocritical about.)

So, just look at Gardner’s VOTING RECORD, and not his untruthful political ads, when you vote for U.S. Senate in this election. Former Gov. John Hickenlooper is a much better choice; he listens to the will of the voters.

— Ken Dobrovolny, via [email protected]