LETTER: Concerning oil and gas applications in Aurora


DEAR EDITOR: This is regarding the oil and gas applications in Aurora — two currently pending.

I moved here in December 2018, relocating from Chicago. I had the hope of fresh air and improved health.

It feels like Aurora doesn’t care about the citizens who live and pay taxes in this community, as much as they care about the profits from the oil and gas industry.  Let us not forget those without a voice — animals who also live here. As you drive down Powhatan Road, if you are lucky enough — you can spot deer and the cows that graze along this road.

What happens to their free space as Aurora sells out to the corporations?

There’s promise of more outdoor space, connections to existing parks and trails.

What happens to this space as the oil and gas monsters eat up all the open space and free lands? What about putting health and safety first for all — not just the conglomerate, with their shallow promise of oversight and the historical lie, evidenced by their actions or lack thereof.

Please take the time to listen. How many times do you have to be asked to pause the permits?

I’m scared of cancer. I don’t want my family to die breathing this toxic air. You can’t promise they won’t. Because you really don’t know the health risks. Until you can promise this to be safe — stop allowing it. Or you send us the confirmation that you really don’t care about us tax paying citizens and we vote you out next.

— Aimee Potter, Adonea, via [email protected]