LETTER: Community needs a strong, experienced DA


Editor: It’s great to see the endorsements poring in for John Kellner, our strong candidate for district attorney. We’re recognizing that in a time of rising violence in Denver, Aurora, and across our nation, we need an experienced, successful prosecutor to lead this office and maintain a culture of safety and justice for our community.  

Kellner’s endorsements are from a variety of current and former officials like former Lt. Governor Jane Norton, District Attorney George Brauchler, Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock, and numerous county commissioners whom John currently serves as Chief Deputy DA. They testify to his integrity and track-record of proven results—as a Marine and criminal prosecutor—and that he’ll implement proactive policies to deter criminals and support law enforcement agencies in keeping us safe

School Safety is a core focus for John and he will do everything in his power to preserve safety and prevent school violence. He supports an “all of the above”, collaborative approach where early intervention, mental health resources, and accountability are key. 

In sharp contrast, while Kellner’s opponent claims to be experienced, the truth is she’s never successfully prosecuted a felony or violent crime. In a time like this, do we want to risk our community’s culture of safety by electing someone lacking this crucial experience? And speaking of endorsements, Kellner’s opponent is endorsed by a local official who calls the Aurora PD “trash” and who wants candidates who “are down to dismantle the system.”

Our community deserves and needs an experienced, principled, justice-seeking District Attorney like John Kellner.

— Clifford Ard, via [email protected]