LETTER: Coffman’s record and stance on crime makes him the best choice for Aurora mayor


EDITOR: My husband and I moved to Aurora when we retired, and we are becoming more aware of increasing crime. I recently learned that violent crime has increased over 76% in our city in the past four years! If this isn’t made a top priority by our next mayor, it will impact our property values, standard of living, safe neighborhoods, and destroy our city.

Our next mayor needs to make our safety a top priority. I am voting for Mike Coffman. Mike is a long-standing resident of Aurora, and I have known him for over 30 years. He is experienced, hard working, honest, a patriot, successful in private business, public service, and a proven leader in the Marines and Army. I am voting for Mike for Aurora Mayor for these reasons among others, and know he is a strong supporter of law enforcement and first responders.

Mike is endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police Associations for both Aurora and Arapahoe County. Please vote for Mike Coffman for Aurora’s next Mayor.

— Carol Taylor, via [email protected]