LETTER: Coffman’s congressional career will benefit Aurora

EDITOR:  I have lived in Aurora Colorado for over 40 years and during the last over 20 years my wife and I have known Mike Coffman. Mike is the hardest working, caring, most bipartisan on issues, and friendly public office holder I’ve ever known. Mike is one of very few public officials who I’d trust with protecting my family, and he’s the only one I’d trust to have my back in a firefight (that’s what us military veterans know as a fight against an enemy).

I ask all my fellow Aurora citizens to vote for Mike Coffman for Mayor of Aurora.

Aurora faces challenges, in rising crime, deteriorating streets, traffic clogged roadways, and finding ways to balance the city budget and doing so without raising our taxes. During Mike’s time as our Colorado Congressman he worked hard to find bipartisan ways to unlock the gridlock in the U.S. Congress so that bipartisan legislation could get passed. That’s the real experience and balanced wisdom I want leading Aurora our Mayor.

Please join my wife and I in voting for Mike Coffman for Mayor of Aurora.

David & Jeannie Bernard— via [email protected]