LETTER: Coffman is on the right road to improving Aurora traffic


EDITOR: I am tired of sitting in traffic here in Aurora, and I believe our city’s next mayor must make this a priority. Thankfully, after reading Mike Coffman’s campaign information, I believe that Mike is the candidate who will make the biggest difference on traffic as Mayor.

Aurora has too many potholes and our local streets need a lot of repairs. Traffic backs up all day at intersections around the city; notably, Chambers and Mississippi, Buckley and Alameda, and Buckley and Sixth. The City will need to make road repairs and traffic a more important part of its budget, and Mike Coffman has pledged to make this a priority as mayor.

Aurora’s traffic problems are not just in the city. Many of us drive outside of Aurora to go to work, while many more drivers pass through our city every day. We need to work with other cities to fix our area’s transportation problems. Mike has represented Aurora as a state legislator and member of Congress. He has served the entire state as Treasurer and Secretary of State. Mike knows how to work with elected officials, business leaders and community members to solve the tough challenges facing our communities. He also knows how to work regionally with different cities, counties and elected officials.

We need to have Mike Coffman’s experience to move Aurora forward and get our traffic and transportation issues solved. That is why I am voting for Mike for Aurora Mayor this November 5.

Cathy Harper — via [email protected]