LETTER: Children made victims by Aurora lawmakers rejecting immigrant protections

EDITOR: We label our immigrants as “illegal” and “criminal,” yet these children are our future. Over half of individuals crossing the border are in family units and an additional nine percent are unaccompanied minors.

The “aliens” in our country, more often than not, are children – children deserving of a country to call home and safe place to take refuge.

The Aurora City Council narrowly rejected two proposals on Monday night that would have offered protections and resources to our local immigrant children and families. As a pediatrician who works across Children’s Hospital Colorado and Denver Health Medical Center, I find our complacency and overwhelming inaction to protect those seeking sanctuary shameful.

The kids that I see in my clinic and in the hospitals are the same kids that fear losing a loved one to deportation. They are the same kids who fear cages. They are the same kids that live in our neighborhoods, enrich our schools, and offer a wealth of diversity to our community.

We should be embracing these families with the same services and protections that we expect for our own children and their families. One in five Americans in Aurora are immigrants. They are our children. This is our future.

— Margaret Tashjian, MD, via [email protected]

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1 month ago

No it isnt