LETTER: Brauchler’s campaign for governor in the Post gets it wrong on vaccination


EDITOR: Former District Attorney George Brauchler has platforms in the Denver Post and on 9News. He can use those to campaign for that statewide office, which has eluded him so far.  Even though he failed to get the GOP nomination for governor and lost his race for Attorney General in 2018, he’s started taking potshots at Gov. Jared Polis, so I would guess that’s the office he has targeted for himself.

His latest snipes in those media included when the governor and first gentleman received the COVID19 vaccine, and calling the rollout “tortured.” Both Polis and his partner were infected with the new coronavirus late last year. The Mayo Clinic states that people might delay vaccination for ninety days after diagnosis with the virus as it’s unclear how long natural immunity lasts.  It’s not a mandate.

The “tortured” rollout is due to the ineptitude of the previous federal administration to effectuate an efficient rollout.  Colorado and other states were behind the eight ball in getting what is needed in this war against the virus.

But, let’s look at the big picture.  The state’s positivity rate, an important indicator for the status of the virus, continues to decline.  The number of hospitalizations has trended downward.  Vaccines have increased under the current federal administration.  Have there been gaps in service? Yes. And now extensive events are part of the effort to get the vaccine to underserved populations.  And half of Clear Creek County teachers were vaccinated in one day.  It will get better, because it must.

Brauchler will continue to nitpick, carping about the “elite”, the group whose membership he covets.
— Lynne Popkowski, Littleton via [email protected]
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