LETTER: Beware of dark money and ‘playthings,’ Ryan Frazier should be Aurora’s next mayor


EDITOR: As Aurora’s longest-serving mayor, I’m deeply concerned about the city election for which we just received our ballots.

We need a new Mayor who is a leader, not influenced by politics or outside interests. The man who I think can fill this role and bring new vision and fresh ideas to Aurora is Ryan Frazier. I am supporting him because I know him to be an honest man who can bring people together and help us all to be proud to call Aurora home.

There are outside special interest groups and dark money involved in this election, trying to sway your vote away from Aurora being a great city again, to Aurora being their “private plaything.”  We can’t afford to let that happen.

Ryan has worked hard in this campaign to earn your trust. He has walked our neighborhoods, visited with people at the grocery store, ball games, churches, etc to listen to concerns. Ryan is fiscally conservative. Ryan Frazier has earned my confidence, support, and vote. I hope he has yours.

— Paul Tauer, Former Aurora Mayor (1987-2003) via [email protected]