LETTER: As to transparency, make it clear which Aurora council candidates are socialists


EDITOR: After taking an informal poll among my family, friends and neighbors, asking only one question, “Do you realize that there are three members of the current Aurora City Council that are socialists?”, it became obvious that almost none of them were aware.

For two years, since elected, Crystal Murillo (Ward I), Nicole Johnston (Ward II) and Allison Hiltz (At Large) have voted on virtually every item to come to City Council as one, a voting bloc.  Often in opposition to all the other Council Members except one Angela Lawson (At Large).  Many of those votes have been anti-business, anti-police and anti-growth and development with an attempt to have city government make decisions for private enterprise.

Each of them have been trained by an organization that claims to be a Democratic progressive group with the intent to get women elected at all levels of government.  If you pay attention, they make decisions much more to the left of typical Democrats.  Their intent is to take control of any governmental unit possible and now the City of Aurora is in their sights.

It’s now the next local election since 2017, when the three were all elected.  The City of Aurora has 10 Council Members with a mayor who doesn’t vote but has the vote when there are ties or the eleventh vote.

Last week the three wrote a letter to the Editor of Sentinel Colorado urging the Aurora citizens to elect Omar Montgomery as our next Mayor.  In the first paragraph of that letter they state,  “ We believe that improving transparency about who-and how-government operates is crucial to achieving the goal of putting the community first.”   The community must know of where they are going with their politics.  Here is how they intend to change the city’s leadership and direction.

Running for Council in Ward V, is Alison Coombs.  She is a graduate of the same group that trained the three socialists.  Running for re-election At Large is Angela Lawson.  She has already shown that she will vote with the three and her boss in her other job has been trained by this same organization.  If these two are elected, now there is five voting in a bloc and with Omar elected, that would probably give them the tie breaker for making decisions or else why would they want him for mayor?

Further, in Ward VI, Bryan Lindstom is running, and in Ward IV there is Juan Marcano.  Both of their profiles are very similar to the five women.  They couldn’t be trained by that organization as they only accept female members.

I urge the citizens of Aurora to vote against our city becoming the first governmental unit in my memory to be led by socialist-leaning council mMembers.

— Dick Moore, CPA, resident of Ward V via [email protected]