LETTER: Aarestad for Cherry Creek



It was not until recently that the outcomes of our local school board races exposed deep divisions in our electorate’s opinions on the future direction of public education. The results have significant impact on our children’s learning environments, the teaching profession and our communities.

As a National Board Certified Teacher who is well versed on the opportunities and challenges facing public education, and as a Cherry Creek Schools employee for the last 12 years, I support David Aarested for Cherry Creek School Board because he is simply the most qualified and experienced candidate in the race. He is a graduate of Cherry Creek Schools, and his own children attend Cherry Creek Schools. He has extensive experience on both school and district accountability committees and understands the tradition of educational excellence Cherry Creek Schools upholds is the direct result of dedicated collaborative work with all stakeholders in our community. David’s professional legal background, commitment to our schools and nonprofit work proves that he lives here to make a positive difference in the lives of our students and larger community. David Aarestad’s leadership will keep Cherry Creek School District the flagship district of Colorado, the community families want to live in, and the most desired di strict for highly qualified teachers to be part of.

As a Cherry Creek Schools teacher, I’m proud to be part of this District and support its Dedicated to Excellence mission everyday. I ask you to join me in supporting David Aarestad who will dedicate himself to that mission as well.

Andrew Burns

NBCT Cherry Creek Schools