LETTER: John Hickenlooper leaves rural Coloradans feeling unheard


EDITOR: This year has no doubt been a tumultuous one for citizens in Colorado and across the country. Some issues (like a particularly bitter election cycle compounded by a global pandemic and endless protests) are new. Others (like a government that shows little regard for rural communities and citizens) are all too familiar for citizens living east of the Front Range.

Many rural Coloradans believe we’re not being heard by our elected officials and John Hickenlooper has not done much to change our mind.

The former governor recently chose to skip the Club 20 gathering of Western Slope organizations. Hickenlooper seems to think that it’s unfair to have to stand up and be held accountable for taking policy positions which could prove ruinous to Western Slope communities. He’d rather not look into the eyes of the folks he knows will be jobless if he wins. This guilt may explain why Hickenlooper has not graced the Eastern Plains with his presence either.

By contrast, our Senator, Cory Gardner, has made several visits to Eastern Plains communities during the past month. Cory’s recent farm tour — which he has held annually — speaks volumes about his commitment to rural Colorado.

There’s no question who, Cory Gardner or John Hickenlooper – would better represent all of Colorado. Let’s hope Coloradans see that clear choice and elect Cory Gardner to represent all of Colorado come November.

— Mark Hillman of Burlington, via [email protected]