ENDORSEMENT — PROP FF: Yes on an imperfect solution to a serious problem in schools


Not only do Colorado voters decide on the deciders during this year’s large and varied midterm 2022 election, they play legislators, too.

Colorado regularly offers voters a chance to create policy and law from the ballot box. This year’s variety of proposals is no exception.

Here’s a part of a series of Sentinel Colorado Editorial Board recommendations to voters for this year.

PROP FF: Yes on an imperfect solution to a serious problem in schools

There’s no arguing that hungry children complicate challenges struggling families face in trying to help students succeed in school.

While ensuring access to the internet and quality time with adults at home to help with learning is vastly difficult, making sure kids eat breakfast and lunch — critical to learning — is relatively easy.

Proposition FF would tap wealthier Colorado residents by slightly increasing taxes on households making $300,000 a year or more to pay for school lunches for every student in Colorado.

This proposition makes sense when you realize that about 40% of the state’s 355,000 students would likely qualify for free and reduced lunch programs.

It’s huge, and this kind of food insecurity is a serious problem, especially to those certain to benefit from the program.

Children of families leery of the government and its forms or those who simply can’t navigate it all are often struggling the most and could most benefit from such a program. 

While it makes less sense to provide free lunches to children of families who can easily afford what they want, the program then becomes a needed change in Colorado schools and a perk for every family enrolled in public schools.

In the thick of crippling inflation and with a recession on the horizon, this program makes good sense for all of Colorado. Vote yes on Proposition FF.

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