EDITORIAL: Trump’s impeachment delivers moment of truth as everyone defines it, not just Gardner and cowed Republicans


The controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s impeachment has little to do with the facts of the case against him.

Any reasonable person even casually observing the evidence against Trump illustrating his betrayal of his office and the nation plainly sees it’s insurmountable.

Reasonable people do not doubt that Trump tried to blackmail a vulnerable Russian adversary into contriving an investigation against Trump’s political adversary. If Trump is honest about one thing, and there may be only one thing, it is that he really is the most transparent president ever. Trump unabashedly wears his emotions, lies, vulgarities and depravity on his sleeve and Twitter posts.

Americans are confident that Trump would undermined U.S. security for his own election goals because he’s done it and bragged about it before: “Russia, if you’re listening…” 

Americans are not such rubes that they would buy Republican nonsense about Trump taking an interest in sniffing out corruption in the Ukraine. This is a many who unapologetically seeks out “friendships” with some of the most corrupt people on the planet. Trump hails from corruption and has provably built an empire on it. He has publicly shamed and ostracized members of his own staff who’ve worked to limit it within his own administration.

Savvy Americans get it that Trump asked the Ukrainians for a “favor” hoping to boost his chances for re-election.

Trump’s entire presidency is so filled with mendacity and propaganda that honest Americans could never give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Sensible, honest Americans have learned to doubt the veracity of everything Trump says.

While a growing majority of Americans are able to be reasonable about what Trump really is and what he’s done, a majority of the U.S. Senate can’t make that claim.

There are members of Congress who cower in fear of political retribution from Trump’s zealots who will not be reasonable about the unnerving evidence against Trump.

The nation and world marvel why Republicans would stand by a repugnant, dishonest president, gambling the reputation of their party, their own elected positions and the fate of the nation.  

This will be the moment of truth, literally, for congressmen like Republican Cory Gardner of Colorado and others. Unable to dodge and waffle over the clear criminality of Trump, his vote on impeachment will brand him forever. Gardner and other Republicans will either become part of the faction of their party unashamed to gaslight the nation with their contrived fallacies or become an honest tool of justice. 

Calling Republicans who ignore the undeniable evidence “dishonest” is only flattering. The alternative would be that they are dangerously dull or unintelligent in believing that Trump, as he claims, “did nothing wrong.”

Even Richard Nixon, at the height of his paranoid malevolence, would never have sold out his own country just to improve his chances in the next election.

Reasonable, honest people, plainly see that Trump did just that. The valid yet empty argument now is whether Trump’s treacherous scheme is grounds for impeachment and ouster. To argue that Trump never committed the crimes borders on a crime itself.

Trump’s critics have eloquently pointed out that, even beyond the obvious horror over what Trump has done, a deeper peril lurks by ignoring Trump’s fraud against the nation.

Allowing an American president to skirt and control the law changes the country that framers created. Ignoring or defending Trump’s atrocities forces all of us to live under a supreme leader, which the Constitution and nation’s creators expressly forbade.

It would be repugnant for Republicans to justify the end by the means in rallying for Trump if he were simply errant yet successful. But conspiring with a vulgar, lying president who has shown nothing but contempt and ineptitude for his office makes Republicans appear not just sinister, but daft as well.

This next moment in U.S. history is about truth as everyone defines it, not just Trump and his allies.