EDITORIAL: Trump administration spirals down, taking Aurora immigrants with it


The Trump administration hadn’t even gotten a handle on “alternative facts” and lying, and now the nascent government is losing ground to sheer ineptitude and malfeasance creating real-life crises for people across the globe and right here in Aurora.

President Donald Trump and his top staff started out his tenure being caught in a series of bizarre lies that resulted in spokespersons and Trump himself doubling down on untruths, creating a unique drama in the White House.

The very fact this and other newspapers call out Trump’s fabrications as lies is a testament to the serious cloud this administration begins under. We’re not referring to Trump’s worrisome delusions about rain-stopping when he speaks or how much he is loved — that’s a separate problem. And we know spin and bull are stock-in-trade for pretty much all politicians. Lies are falsifications told to purposely and nefariously deceive the public. There’s no doubt that’s what Trump, spokesman Sean Spicer and adviser Kellyanne Conway are trying to do by lying about non-existent voter fraud, bizarre insecurities over inaugural crowd size, and the effect and intent of a ban on Muslim refugees, residents and visitors, a hasty ban pulled out of the asinine offices of incompetent political aides.

All Aurora residents, like citizens all across the country, are suffering from they bevy of impetuous presidential mandates that need to be withdrawn.

First, Trump is trying to make good on his threat to build some kind of wall between the United States and Mexico that somehow is supposed to keep illegal immigrants and potential evildoers out of the country. It will cost billions, do nothing to increase overall security, and Mexico will not pay for it, nor should they. It has become a predictable lunacy howl that now degrades the entire country, not just Trump’s fast-fizzling political career. Trump’s incompetence shone brightly when he posed a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports as some sort of Mexican blackmail. It had to be pointed out to Trump and Co. that such a boneheaded move would saddle American consumers with the tab.

It got worse when Trump then issued an edict against cities like Aurora that, by design, do not permit civilian police to routinely investigate immigration status in the course of their work. A confusing diatribe by Trump’s staff makes it unclear whether Aurora and cities like it would be punished by being robbed of some type of federal funding.

But the most egregious move of this administration so far came Friday evening when he sandbagged his own government and the world by banning Muslim refugees and visitors from seven countries, pretending the ban wasn’t based on religion. Even at face value, the edict and its implementation were deeply flawed. The catastrophe drew jeers even from faithful right-wing media and staunch Republicans. It was a disaster that is hurting Aurora residents, who don’t know if family members can return home or how they will be able to travel. Even more dangerous, the ban seriously undermines U.S. security, playing into the hands of ISIS recruiters worldwide. It’s beyond inane. It’s cruel and anathema to American values. It smacks of the racist and white supremacist garbage that Trump flirted with during the campaign and clearly now embraces as policy. All this became clear when edict author Rudy Giuliani told reporters Trump wanted a Muslim ban that didn’t look like one.

We are rapidly losing faith that Trump will provide sensible, honest, ethical and righteous leadership and look instead to Republicans and Democrats in Congress to protect all Aurora residents, and especially those most vulnerable to this wayward administration.