EDITORIAL — True: Trump’s GOP faithful will suffer deeply if his malignant presidency ends


Party leaders lauding President Donald Trump’s tenure were dead right Monday at the GOP convention in warning that the future for Trump’s faithful would be disastrous if he were to lose a second term.

Party icons like Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida joined a chorus warning that the outlook for Republicans couldn’t be worse under the leadership of Democratic nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

He misstated only that it would be only the Trump Republicans who would lose so much if Americans oust Trump in November. Staunch, courageous Republicans like Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Congressman Steve Bartlett have made it repeatedly clear that the cogent, determined faction of hard-line GOP conservatives want no part of Trump’s pernicious lies and incompetence.

But for those Republicans who see America’s grotesque struggle with the pandemic, with health care, with corporate corruption, with political profiteering, with racism and environmental degradation under the Trump regime as “winning,” putting Biden in the White House will indeed be catastrophic.

Removing Trump from office would spell the end of the most influential nation on Earth being headed by a racist who stokes the fears of fellow racists by promoting the proven failed policies of white supremacy.

A Trump loss at the polls means the end of the most powerful person on the planet lying regularly about critical matters for the sole purpose of deceiving Americans in hopes of shoring up political power.

Greedy Republicans who don’t care that the corporate profits pouring out of America’s 19th Century energy plan are destroying the planet by heating it up would suffer deeply as jobs and dollars move into green energies.

Trump Republicans who stand behind a disintegrating and untenable health care system that profits off of hard working middle class Americans would be hard hit by a president willing to reform it rather than empower it.

Those Republicans who agree with Trump that America should shut its doors to immigrants of color because they threaten white Americans would be crushed by the loss of Trump, who has succeeded in turning the nation’s laws against Muslims, Mexicans and other non-white newcomers.

Loyal Trump Republicans who approve of adversarial nations like Russia, Iran and North Korea manipulating U.S. elections, as long as their candidates and their causes benefit, would be stymied by the loss of Trump, who invites and empowers such corruption.

Those in the GOP who approve of softening the Constitution and inflicting overt political control of U.S. justice by Trump would be heartbroken by the return of independent law enforcement and ending Trump’s banana republic government that strikes in their favor.

Trump’s political demise would be catastrophic for Trump sycophants like Sen. Cory Gardner. Gardner’s cowardly complicity with the most corrupt president in the nation’s history would no longer have any political value. Gardner would become useless to Trump’s base, and Trump’s imminent ejection would inspire other voters, anxious to see them both replaced.

Republicans like those speaking out from the RNC Convention Monday were spot on warning Trump supporters that the end of his regime would spell the end of an America that has become sick, corrupt, racist, broke, immoral, dishonest and alone.

Republicans have made clear that the consequences of the Nov. 3 Election are real and dire. And they’ve made clear the rest of the nation must end Trump’s diseased presidency.