EDITORIAL: Sen. Gardner, GOP, need to tap their own character to admit the fatal flaws in Kavanaugh’s — vote no


We agree with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans that this Supreme Court nomination has been one of the most partisan and politicized hack jobs ever to embarrass Capitol Hill.

They should never have made it that way.

This farcical closing act of power by the GOP has wrought untold havoc on the nation, and still, Republicans will not relent.

Republican leaders no longer care about having suspended the U.S. Constitution during the Obama Administration by refusing to allow a vote on the Merrick Garland Supreme Court nomination.

They no longer care that even if Kavanaugh once appeared qualified to sit on the Supreme Court based on his past legal performance, he’s disqualified himself during hearings last week when, during a temper tantrum, he disclosed his political end game to get on the court.

Kavanaugh is a scorned and vengeful partisan hack. During his maniacal undoing during last week’s Senate hearings, Kavanaugh illustrated he has the temperament of a Banana Republic traffic court judge and not a Supreme Court justice.

Every Supreme Court nomination draws partisan posturing, and Democrats have never been immune from such antics. Republicans, however, have politicized this nomination to the point they cannot back down even after their nominee’s bizarre and unnerving meltdown under pressure.

It’s appalling that Kavanaugh himself doesn’t have the courage to step aside, and that Republicans don’t have the grit to admit what Kavanaugh has proved himself to be.

Kavanaugh, lividly accused members of the Senate of operating a vast Democratic conspiracy to undermine his nomination as revenge for what he thinks happened to “The Clintons” and Democrats in the last election.

Americans have come to expect such intemperate delirium from their president, but they depend on the Supreme Court to protect them from such delusions, not to lead the chorus.

It doesn’t matter that those who knew Kavanaugh well as a young man in high school and college are lining up to testify that he was a regular drunk. What matters is that Kavanaugh lied under oath about it. Clearly, not wanting to open the door of doubt that he could have been either too inebriated to recall sexually molesting Christine Blasey Ford as a teenager, or that he is capable of lying about such a thing, he lied about his drinking.

Kavanaugh and Republicans are spot on by pointing out that this nomination has devolved into a partisan and political war dance. Americans, the Supreme Court and justice are the casualties here.

Republicans like Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner are unwilling to admit that a nominee who before last week at least appeared mentally competent and legally qualified to land a seat on the Supreme Court, unfolded to be an untruthful, unhinged politician who admits he’s only too anxious to exact his revenge from the bench.

Kavanaugh doesn’t have the integrity to admit he’s unqualified for the Supreme Court, we ask Gardner and other Senate Republicans to reach deep into their own character to muster the temerity to do the right thing — vote no on the Kavanaugh nomination.