EDITORIAL: Republicans must intervene to stop Trump’s savage electoral sabotage


The litany of despicable, deceitful things President Donald Trump has inflicted on the nation is what built the solid case against his re-election.

But none of his nefarious rackets compare to the current torrent of lies and desperate, savage delusion Trump is wielding to try and undermine the election and our very democracy.

He will not stop.

It’s up to the nation’s Republican leaders to step up and draw the line against Trump’s fiendish, treacherous, ploy to sabotage the electoral process.

The same system that just elected Colorado congressmembers Doug Lamborn, Ken Buck and Lauren Boebert is working now to determine who — under the nation’s strict, transparent and accountable laws, rules and systems — was elected president by American voters.

This is not a partisan problem. This is a crisis created by the perilous, desperate ramblings of a warped mind.

Trump is demanding the counting of legitimate votes stop in states he’s losing and continue in state’s where he’s making ground. His malevolence is naked and astonishing, even by his own standards.

Step up, senators Mitch McConnell, John Barrasso, Rob Portman and Pat Toomey, and push back hard against the unspeakable, criminal grift Trump is rolling out.

Local conservative and Republican pundits, too, must vocally and consistently tell Trump that this charade is too terrifying and too corrupt to continue.

Buck, who heads the Republican Party in Colorado, must avoid being complicit in this final Trump fraud by staying silent against what he and every cogent, honest and moral elected official knows is a noxious scam.

Allowing Trump to press ahead with this villainy endangers all elected officials, Republic and Democrat, and devastates the very fiber of American democracy and society.

Republicans must immediately reach for courage and righteousness to confront Trump’s fraudulent outrage and let the electoral process continue and conclude. 



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