It seems impossible to stem the national tirade unleashed this week by anti-abortion-rights activists and the disreputable politicians pandering to them, but it’s not impossible to bring swift justice to local officials like state Rep. JoAnn Windholz for such repulsive diatribe.

Windholz, who lives in Adams County and represents north Aurora, set fire to her own nascent political career this week when she posted on social media a rant blaming Planned Parenthood for the heinous murders and injuries last week at their Colorado Springs clinic, an attack carried out by an unhinged, well-armed extremist. The post then gained traction after it was first reported by the Colorado Independent.

“Violence is never the answer but we must start pointing out who is the real culprit. The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any (Planned Parenthood) facility, is (Planned Parenthood) themselves. Violence begets violence. So (Planned Parenthood), YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS.”

To say that a respected healthcare provider like Planned Parenthood, or any healthcare provider, is responsible for inciting someone to go on a murderous rampage, or that patients and staff associated with Planned Parenthood are somehow deserving of being stalked and murdered, is beyond the pale. It’s unfathomable even with the bar being as high as it is for unscrupulous politicians one-upping each other to boast the most outrageous lies, the worst propaganda and or the most sadistic commentary.

That Windholz would use such repulsive and sophomoric argument in a community like Aurora — where another madman slaughtered innocent people going about their daily lives, and who were in no way “culprits” in the crime — makes Windholz’ blunder all the more painful.

Windholz should immediately resign.

The first-term state legislator does not speak for Aurora, and we feel confident that such abhorrent and repulsive views and comments are not shared by the vast majority of her constituents, even those who support her misguided push to end Colorado’s longstanding pro-choice laws and traditions.

Not only does such invective reveal the poor judgment and character of an insensitive and warped person, Windholz forfeits any credibility she may have had to ethically and responsibly cast votes in the state House on behalf of her constituents.

Reasonable Americans have clenched their jaws and rolled their eyes at the disinformation and outright lies perpetrated by anti-abortion-rights activists and the politicians exploiting the fabrications and controversy for their own short-sighted political gain.

Planned Parenthood is a huge agency and provides some controversial services. They are not beyond reproach, and they have regularly been forthcoming and transparent about their services and practices. It’s important that this organization, heavily funded by government dollars, be accountable, and they are. Critics have launched an unscrupulous attack on the agency, for purely political purposes. The war of lies and misinformation being waged by anti-abortion-rights proponents seemed that it could not be topped.

But since the horrific terrorist attack on the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic began last Friday, the level of outrageous slander and vitriol has become increasingly shrill and repulsive.

An innocent police officer and two supportive friends of patients were slaughtered by a gunman in the clinic last week, with nine others injured. It’s ghastly that Windholz and others would not only continue their nauseating barrage on Planned Parenthood, but then step it up like Windholz did on her Facebook account.

Clearly, not only does she believe the lies her fellow activists spread about Planned Parenthood, she is herself a perpetrator of the deceits, not unlike GOP presidential candidates Carly Fiorina. Fiorina has famously been caught lying about allegedly macabre videotapes that do not, and have not ever existed.

At this point, it’s impossible to determine whether all the lies, propaganda and tirades used by activists actually prompted the alleged shooter to go on his terrorist rampage last week, but it’s perfectly clear that Windholz’ hateful and hurtful comments are beneath any Colorado resident, and especially an elected representative.

If Windholz won’t resign, fellow members of the House and her own Republican Party should censure her. She’s already ended her own political career with her heinous remarks. Now Windholz just needs to make it official.

Text of State Rep. JoAnn Windholz’ Facebook post of Nov. 30, 2015:

Violence – Where it starts.

The freedoms we enjoy in the United States include those that were made up to fit the audience and unsubstantiated numerical support, specifically the right to an abortion. When a violent act happens at a Planned Parenthood (pph) facility (most recent in Colorado Springs) the left goes on “auto-pilot” blaming everyone insight when they should be looking in a mirror. Free Speech has brought to light the insidious selling of baby body parts (pph has no shame). These facts and overall mission of the abortion industry would easily send anyone over the hill who wasn’t rational.

The “war on women” is what pph began with Margaret Sanger and it has turned into a war on the family, especially children. It has changed children from a blessing to a commodity making it very hard to consider ourselves to be a civilized respectful rational society.

Violence is never the answer but we must start pointing out who is the real culprit. The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any pph facility, is pph themselves. Violence begets violence. So pph, YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS. My question is, if abortions were free at pph, how long would they stay in business? Pro-Life organizations offer their caring services saving women and children for free every day and they clean up the mess that pph has left behind.

Pray Daily for the women who abort, their children, and the providers.


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    2. Only 450 have liked the facebook page and we need a petition to sign! Get this evil broad out of our legislature.

      1. She’s evil but planned parents hood chops up Lil babies than with the left over they throw them in a landfill!

  1. Her statement is true, meaningful, and correct. Stop killing babies, and now, the barbaric act of selling their body parts for profit. Do any of you on the ‘rights’ train understand any of this? Do you understand how heinous this practice is, when compared to individual rights? Example, where do you draw a line? Say, for instance, parents didn’t want male children, would it be their ‘right’ to kill them at birth? Impose their ‘parental’ rights? This representative is a strong leader for what’s truly ‘right’, and that’s not always going to be an individual, in this case an unborn human baby.

      1. What is it with liberal Democrats and name calling, childish behaviors are not becoming to anyone. And, once again, with liberal Democrats, it’s not enough to have an opinion, but ‘Ban and Resign’ are their desires. Never, ‘we believe’, but more, ‘we Demand’. Fat and sugar are bad , Ban them! How about, a message of making good, or better choices? I know it’s hard for liberals to understand any sane reasoning, but it would be nice for a change.

          1. You’re right about one thing, I DON’T agree with much of what comes out of Harry Reid, Pelosi, or Obama’s mouth, and I’m a fairly clear thinker. Your guy in the WH said and continues to say, ‘global warming is the biggest threat to America’ and ‘global warming is what brought us isis’ And after hearing that, you can still support Democrats, you and I will never agree on anything.

          2. “I’m a fairly clear thinker”? gooey declares himself to be a “fairly clear thinker”? At least he admits he’s only “fairly clear”. I agree with him for once.

        1. Fair point. I’ve never once seen a Republican call for Obama’s impeachment or resignation papers. Never once. Oh waaaiiitttt a minute…. I HAVE!

    1. until you get smart enough to know the difference between an egg and a chicken- just shut up. a fetus is NOT a baby. and lets face it- i think u know that u just want to control women

      and NO “baby body parts” were ever sold. stop lying and they are lies that are proven to be lies by many

      1. OF COURSE HUMAN BABY ORGANS AND OTHER PARTS WERE SOLD. Have you watched the video’s, or just listened to msnbc? Grow up, do your own research, get both sides. Had you watched the video’s, and didn’t listen to the defense of ‘the video’s were doctored’ BS, even you would realize that they were selling these human baby parts for profit, as barbaric a practice as I could possibly think of.

          1. I did “read deeply.”

            For example, from your link, “This conclusion is supported by the
            consistency of the video file date and time stamps, the video timecode,
            as well as the folder and file naming scheme,” the company said.”

            That doesn’t mean the footage was real. That means it wasn’t digitally altered.

            Interesting fact: WorldNet Daily says the videos weren’t faked, yet the creator of the video admitted that what he claimed was a an aborted fetus from a Planned Parenthood abortion wasn’t from Planned Parenthood, was an aborted fetus, and was used without the mother’s knowledge or consent.

            You can’t have a video with fake content and still claim it’s authentic.

            Or, actually, you can – it just isn’t true.

            Moreover, investigations into those videos in various states and by various Congressional committee found that Planned Parenthood DID NOT DO what the Center for Medical Progress said they did.

            Even in conservative states, where they want to find Planned Parenthood guilty.

            For example, “State investigators say there is no evidence that Planned Parenthood
            in Florida bought or sold human organs or tissue. Gretl Plessinger, a
            Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokeswoman, said Monday that an
            inquiry into Planned Parenthood had closed and did not move into a full

            And, yes, Florida did want to find them guilty:

            And here in our own state, our conservative, pro-life Attorney General didn’t even bother to go ahead with an investigation. After all, all the states that have no wrong doing.

            Here’s the kicker though – guess who IS being investigated for wrong doing: The Center for Medical Progress.

            So, GoFastGo, it’s YOU who need to read more deeply next time.

          2. If you watched the videos, the IMPORTANT part of all of them, was the language, the verbiage, the terms of cost of baby parts. What you’re dissecting out of this is the ‘stillborn’ baby used in one of the videos, not the most important part by any stretch.

          3. If I read the results of the investigations into the authenticity of the videos and any supposed wrong doing on the part of Planned Parenthood, the IMPORTANT part of all them is that NO ONE could find any evidence that the Center for Medical Progress’ claims were accurate.

            You keep saying, “Watch the videos! You’ll see!” But the videos are LIES. I won’t see anything on them but lies and obfuscation. Even conservatives who DESPERATELY wanted Planned Parenthood to be guilty have concluded that THE VIDEOS ARE LIES!

    2. You seem to be having trouble distinguishing between “viable” and “not viable.” It’s actually a very easy line to draw. If a woman does not want to be pregnant, she doesn’t have to be. Just like no one else is required by law to use any part of their body to keep someone else alive. If a woman takes Pitocin during her pregnancy, if the baby survives the birth, great. If the baby doesn’t survive because it was born too soon, then too bad. That’s not the woman’s fault. Once a baby is born from the body alive, all the rights and privileges of US citizenry attach. Before that, you’re just forcing someone to be an organ donor. It’s not “killing a baby” if a woman denies a baby the use of her uterus any more than you are killing someone by denying someone who needs it the use of a portion of your liver.

      If you are genuine about your re-life position, then you should also vehemently support a law requiring everyone to be a live organ donor. Otherwise we are just sitting back and letting people die because we refused to share our bodies to save them. Or is it only women who have sex who must be forced to share their bodies to “save a life” but no one else must?

      1. Of course it’s ‘killing a baby’ a viable fetus, sometimes as late as days before birth, a horrible example of moral obligation. If a woman does not want to have a baby, use a birth control device, pill, or my gosh, even the ‘morning after’ pill now available. Most of these women have unprotected sex with multiple partners and then wait until they are very pregnant to get an abortion, a practice that in the future will be outlawed as inhumane. I’m PRO LIFE. Your terminology makes no sense to me, only you and yours.

        1. Your ignorance is staggering. “Most of these women have unprotected sex with multiple partners then wait to get an abortion” Really? Shame on you.

          1. Many, most, minority women use PP as a form of birth control, and do wait undue lengths of time to get this procedure. And yes, many more than apparently you believe, in your mind, they are all victims of violent rape or incest, do a bit of research for yourself now and again.

    3. Wrong again. No body parts were sold for profit. Do try and keep up.

      I accept that you think the practice of abortion is bad. Most people apparently don’t agree but you’re welcome to your opinion. Regardless of your strength of beliefs, you are advocating murder by supporting Windholz’s statement. How are we to know where do you draw your line for coercion by violence? What other issues might you feel justify murder? Should we consider you a threat to public safety?

      1. NO, you’re wrong to begin with. You believe this administration and liberal media, I do NOT. I watched and listened to the video’s, (no, not the video that caused Benghazi, more administration and the WH lies) very enlightening, you should watch and listen to the evidence contained on them. ‘condoning murder?’ No, in fact, abortion is murder, I’m against abortion, apparently you didn’t read what I wrote. Educate yourself with research, in other than on liberal outlets, look into both sides of an issue, do some real fact finding, and afterwards, go look at images of aborted fetuses, that alone may change your moral mind.

          1. Thanks, but I’ll keep my own counsel on this. Your windbaggery and pompous judgements are a poor substitute for reason. It is a slight comfort to see you trapped into admitting your support for Windholz’s “ends justify the means” doctrine was wrong.

        1. I’ll wager gooey watches many “videos”. Most of his comments reveal his lack of intelligible argument typical of a video obsessed couch potato.

    4. Her statement isn’t true, meaningful, and correct. She’s has said that terrorism is justified as long as you pick the right target. She wrong. In fact, she couldn’t be more wrong.

  2. And once again, it’s not ‘I don’t agree with your opinion, but, YOU MUST RESIGN’ That’s the liberal, Democrat way, ‘we don’t like it, you must bend to our thinking, or be banned’ ‘Fat is bad for you, we must BAN all fat’ ‘Sugar is not good for you, we must BAN all sugar’ How about, ‘sugar is not good for you, make better decisions when partaking in it’ ‘Homosexuals should be able to marry (more individual rights here) and you will do, whatever they want done, from this moment on, at threat of criminal charges’ (read: baker refuses to bake homosexual cake, arrested and charged with ‘hate crime” Starting to get it now?

    1. Actually, no. What you describe would be the case if she said, “I am against abortion.” No one is calling for her resignation for that, even if they disagree with that opinion.

      But when a politician begins a statement with “Violence is never the answer, but” when talking about the shooting death of a police officer who was attempting to protect citizens, don’t you think it’s time for that person to go? Or are you saying that you think that our law enforcement officers deserve to be shot and killed because abortion and darn those liberals for thinking that’s not cool of elected officials to think so?

      1. She was talking about the MILLIONS of abortions that kill human babies yearly, she said, ‘start with the real culprit, Planned Parenthood’

          1. Call it anything you please, it’s morally bankrupt. I believe the ACLU and others have swayed, bent, and twisted the words of the constitution, to fit their wants and desires, nothing less.

          2. Last I checked, we live in a democracy, and if you don’t like the laws, there is a method to change them. Violence is criminal, as is advocating for it.

          3. What would you call abortion? To tear apart a viable human being fetus, with everything working, except the lungs, and suck it out in pieces from the mothers womb, violent Steven?

          4. I call it legal. If you want it to be illegal, we have a process for that in our American democracy. I respect your view, but it is your view, not the law, and not something you have a right to enforce. I’m sorry that you don’t like living in a democracy. There are theocracies available to live in. I hear that ISIS is setting up one that lives by your rules.

          5. That’s very emotional description and I see your moral position. However, the law of the land is not predicated on emotions, abortions are legal. You should take up the issue with your elected lawmakers and the supreme court, not PP.

          6. I call it LEGAL and PERSONAL CHOICE. You are 100% entitled to your opinion, so DON’T GET AN ABORTION. You are NOT entitled to step on MY opinions nor the law. Should be pretty simple to understand.

          7. If our congress passed a law saying you could drown children under the age of 6 months, do you imagine some women would do just that? I do, and for the same reasons you list above. Lynn, because it’s the law, doesn’t make it morally upright.

          8. ACLU has nothing to do with Planned Parenthood. Place the blame on SCOTUS for legalizing abortion and blame Congress for legalizing fetal tissue donations. For your ignorant mind ACLU has a WELL DOCUMENTED record of defending churches and religious organizations in court. The ACLU defends the constitutional right of ALL citizens through court cases. They have no legislative powers and their cases are settled by a judge and jury. The ACLU will defend any individual or group it believes has been deprived of their constitutional rights and they do so without prejudice.,,,

          9. The ACLU is the most un-American organization ever formed in this country. They have bent and twisted the words of our forefathers, who wrote our constitution, to ‘protect’ every matter of miscreant and evil in our nation today. Murderers, child molesters, all forms of heinous criminal acts are defended by this group. So, Cynthia, you and others who think they are doing ‘great work’, will continue to be bamboozled by this bunch of hypocrites, hiding behind the American flag.

          10. Actually, the current iteration of the Republican Party is the most un-American organization in this country.

          11. Stooping to name calling does not win you any favors no points. you disappoint by failing to stick to issues.

          12. In every way. The ACLU defends the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is its only purpose. The only ones who say ACLU “sways bends and twists” the words of the Constitution are those who hate the freedoms the Constitution guarantees. They have a political agenda to limit your freedoms to suit their fascist agenda of complete control.

        1. Yes. She blamed Planned Parenthood for the terrorist attack then and even essentially justified it.

          1. I’m surprised she take the next step and blame the victims for not being armed like the killer.

          2. These words, “The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any pph facility, is pph themselves”? Those words, the ones where, yes, she blames Planned Parenthood for the attack? Those words?

            Maybe YOU should read them.

      2. I believe in Free Speech. Including Free Speech to call for her resignation. Free Speech to organize her recall if she doesn’t have the decency to resign. The woman is repugnant. Three people dead: A policeman, a combat veteran and a mother of two babies. Yet this witch blames the victims. Windholz is quite clearly a domestic terrorist.

        1. She did NOT blame the victims, she blamed the organization of abortionists who ply their trade in that building, PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

          1. Umm, she blamed the victims. Stop your immoral mental gymnastics. Planned Parenthood bears zero responsibility for this crazed lunatic entering and shooting the place up. None.

          2. watching Americans politicking is interesting and at times baffling. You think as if PP is such a illegal operation carrying out an well…illegal operation. Now I don’t support all abortions. I support the law. If PP is so illegal why not have their facilities shut down? Take it a step further and arrest and charge the operators? Otherwise, if they exists legally why are all the crazies targeting them instead of taking up their issues with the lawmakers? And while you are at it you should first vote out lawmakers like this woman here who condone violence against innocent fellow citizens. Because if things (read democracy) were to go down hill this is the type of lawmaker who would rubber stamps a dictator’s demands.

    2. Great knee-jerk logic gofastgo, I think I get it. You believe things you find objectionable should not automatically be banned. I agree.

      Does that apply to abortion too? Or should that still be banned? Could things still be banned if you really really hate them?

      It’s not ok to justify murder and mayhem because you think abortion is wrong. That’s an ends justifies the means argument. Do you understand what would happen if we allowed that?

      If somebody threatened you with violence, how would you feel if they justified it by saying they believed fervently that gofastgo is just a bad person and deserved it?

        1. We’re not talking about voting. You think abortion is wrong. We get that.

          Answer the question. Do you believe the ends justify any means to enforce your beliefs on others? Think before you spout off another reply this time.

          1. I answered for the unborn, in context with your ‘gofastgo is a bad person and deserved to be violated’, I can protect myself, the unborn has no such ability.

            I believe, if most women were morally upright, they would also see the horror in what they’re doing, and wrapping themselves in the American flag, and the ACLU’s interpretation of our constitution of ‘women’s rights’, makes them no more correct or moral. Because it’s been interpreted as ‘constitutional’, doesn’t make it right, it only makes it lawful.

          2. gooey’s spouting off about Constitutional interpretation making sweeping generalizations about the ACLU and ‘women’s rights’ of which he knows NOTHING.

            gooey “can protect himself” at the point of a gun no doubt.

          3. Who the hell are you to impose your idea of morality on women and why do you think you get to take God’s laws into your own hands?
            Two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because abortion is legal, but immoral doesn’t mean you can lord it over women.

          4. It’s not ‘my idea’, it’s the heinous, barbaric act itself. Women, although ‘rightists’ in this country, including the ACLU have argued before the supreme court for it’s lawfulness, have to make a moral decision for themselves. You got one thing correct, ‘abortion and immorality’ are both wrong.

          5. Watch the videos, listen to the verbiage, the speak for themselves, it’s all on video. The one and only issue they have admitted too, was, the stillborn baby in one of the videos, not the language used by the PP executives.

          6. It may be “all on the videos,” but all the investigations into the videos have concluded that they’re lies.

            And how many times does the creator of the video have to admit he lied while making them to lose his credibility? You keep saying the man who admitted, “Well, yeah, I doctored that part,” is above reproach.

            Sorry, that’s just not the case. Particularly when state after state after state investigation found his allegations unfounded.

          7. …said gofastgo in what proved to one of the more unintentionally ironic statements posted on the Internet.

            Let’s just be honest: Little attacks are all you have. You can’t answer the charge that investigation into investigation into any wrong doing on Planned Parenthood’s part found that the Center for Medical Progress’ allegation JUST WEREN’T TRUE. There’s no response you can give – such as “Actually, they did find Planned Parenthood guilty” – but attack the messenger.

          8. “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

            (I assume that you have some respect for scripture…. though given your complete amorality, I’m not sure why I assume.)

          9. amorality? My respect for human life is immoral to you? If you find that in my words, perhaps my regard for life is higher than yours, that your respect for man-made law, transcends morality.

          10. RE “If you find that [ammorality] in my words, perhaps my regard for life is higher than yours, that your respect for man-made law, transcends morality.”

            I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to say–this is even more incoherent than usual for you–but if you were intent on trying to establish yourself as being a moral person, you’d have to distance yourself from the murders at Planned Parenthood.

            If your ‘regard for life’ is anything more than empty posturing, you’d need to show compassion for the actual persons murdered at PP. What you want to call ‘morality’ is only an evasion from caring for actual people–your moral concerns extend only to potential persons, such as unborn fetuses. Since you never have to interact with such beings, and since your morality stops well short of concerning itself with actual persons, you’re morality has no practical content. It is amorality.

            You are alien to the community of moral agents. If there’s a hell, I’m very much afraid you’re bound there. Stop being an asshat. Repent.

        2. Neither does Eric Rudolph now locked up in a cage where he belongs for his anti abortion mania. Rudolph is no doubt one of gooey’s heroes.

    3. Cakes do not have sexual feelings. You can’t discriminate based on your religious leanings anymore than I could refuse to sell you ammo because I abhor guns. Guns and marriage both legal. It’s called living in a democracy, not a theocracy.

        1. They have the right not to sell cakes at all. But if they sell cakes they must serve the public. If a baker didn’t believe in interracial marriage, he’d be in big trouble for refusing to do business with that couple.

    4. Quite apart from your bizarre determination to give this apologist for terrorism a pat on the back, and your weird attempt to convince people that the virtue of ‘toleration’ means sympathy with bigotry and violence, everything else in your comment is straw-man argument.

      Do you know any actual human beings that find this sort of cr*p credible?

  3. As long as Planned Parenthood remains a slush fund for Democratic Party, this type of attack will continue to be FAIRLY launched. No different than successful Koch brothers, or other Republican leaning groups being called racists, etc.

    Personally, why not allow abortions? it is a good way to get keep population down,and that $500 they charge saves hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars down the road..

  4. Thank you. Keep up the pressure. Don’t let this fade away when the next politician says something stupid or reprehensible (in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – NOW!)…

  5. “Violence is never the answer but we must start pointing out who is the real culprit. The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any (Planned Parenthood) facility, is (Planned Parenthood) themselves. Violence begets violence. So (Planned Parenthood), YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS.”

    I would vote for her is she was my rep. I would vote for her twice if I had the morality of a democrat.

    1. The only cases of voter fraud in Colorado involved Republicans, Aldo. Check your morality next time you feel the urge to support crazed murderers.

  6. This woman has nothing but her GOP robots telling her what to think….how shallow and heartless this woman is, and how ill informed! Perhaps she ought to take a tour of a Planned Parenthood facility before spouting lies fed to her by her fellow right wing radicals.

  7. This is typical leftist, double-standard, spew. When any Democrat says anything ranging from the wrong to the stupid to the outright insane, the leftist media covers, contorts, and excuses it. Take your pick: Obama, Biden, Clinton, Wasserman-Shultz, Joe Salazar, Hickenlooper. When any Republican says something with which leftists disagree or skewers their sacred cows, the left attempts to shout them down and shut them down. If you disgaree with Windholz, fine, explain why you disagree, but spare us your juvenile, playground, “she’s a meanie” screed.
    PPH perfoms abortions, a violent act of killing no matter the reason. This does not excuse violence against it, and precisely zero pro-lifers have supported the shooting in Colo Spgs. The motive of an obviously deranged individual, or even whether PPH was targeted, is unknown and may not be known. A culture which promotes death for the convenience of the living, such as selective abortion and euthanasia, has opponents who support a culture of life. These opponents act rationally and within the confines of the Law. Shooting people is quite the opposite of pro-life, and though PPH bears no responsibility for this shooting, is does bear responsibility for promoting the culture of death for convenience.

  8. Let’s face the facts folks! This woman is part of the very enemy we must face and remove from society once and for all! Recall this terrible excuse of a human! How on Earth can someone like this be an elected official? By a lot of other terrible people voting for this ilk! Great editorial!

  9. She needs to go for her misspelling, and lack of proper punctuation, alone. Part of our problem is electing uneducated people to public office.

    Being “average” isn’t a benefit. It doesn’t make you “approachable,” it makes you unqualified to hold a public office where complex thinking skills are required in order to make good decisions that impact many lives.

    Let’s start electing smarter people.

  10. I appreciate the author’s tone. Not so much defending Planned Parenthood as calling out a hysterically written response what who’d we would hope would be a dignified lawmaker. (For the record, I think Perry’s letter in the Sentinel is also an obnoxious one, even when I happen to agree with the content.) I’ve looked through Ms Windholz’ voting record, and there are issues we agree on (more post-secondary technical support, for example). That said…I don’t have the time here to pick apart the tirades on Facebook, but this sort of rhetoric is totally inappropriate for an elected official, from whatever party. I’ll look for the recall on Facebook

  11. She’s right is OK to chop up Lil babies but it’s not OK to abort nut job that chop up Lil babies

  12. Please do whatever it takes to get this woman out of office. Violence is to force a woman to have a baby when she does not have the resources and support to raise it. Abortion is never a good option, but it needs to be an option. Education and easy access to birth control will continue to reduce the number of abortions, but there are still times when this procedure is necessary. A fetus is not a baby. Soul comes in with the breath and rides out with the breath. Let’s take care of the babies that ARE here, instead of this misplaced sentimentality for the unborn.

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