FILE - President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally at the Knapp Center on the campus of Drake University, Jan. 30, 2020, in Des Moines, Iowa. Republican presidential prospects are streaming into Iowa, the leadoff presidential caucus state. Notably absent from the lineup, at least for now, is former President Donald Trump who carried the state twice, by healthy margins, as the Republican presidential nominee in the 2016 and 2020 elections. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci, File)

We are the people, too.

In the dangerous, mythical and deliberate alternate reality that former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Fox-ousted Tucker Carlson are trying to impose on America, the nation really has only one hope: the press.

Trump, suffering from grave legal jeopardy on multiple fronts as a result of his corrupt and criminal past, has turned to his familiar strategy of “fake news.”

It’s a meme that has been tried and true by despots in the United States and all over the world for generations: Attack and undermine the messenger.

Using Twitter and media outlets like Fox News, congresspersons Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert wield an army of social media trolls and right-wing propaganda websites in trying to groom Americans for their own nefarious purposes. These people have provenly and repeatedly outright lied regularly about critical and even trivial matters.

It is a treacherous and vile scheme that presents nothing but danger to Aurora, to the state, to the nation, and to the world.

It’s a scheme so fraught with peril that the framers of the Constitution and the nation installed free press rights unlike any in history, and any elsewhere, to combat it.

The nation’s creators had seen despotism. They knew then, just as enlightened Americans know now, only the press can keep America free from corruption and autocracy by being allowed to keep citizens informed about what their government really does and what leaders really say.

Because the provable truth of what the mainstream American press reveals about Trump, he and his supporters, his collaborators in Congress and his regime label us “enemies of the people.”

Despite Trump’s marginal mastery of English and his tentative, corrupted grasp on reality, his message speaks loudly to a small but vocal group of Americans sympathetic to his message of selfishness, fascism, greed, intolerance and despair.

We’re speaking back here — not from the news pages of Sentinel Colorado, which every single day accurately, fairly and honestly gives a clear picture of what leaders in the world say and do — we’re beseeching you from the part of our publication devoted to our editorial opinions and yours.

The opinions of this newspaper and every American are protected by one of the most powerful parts of the Constitution, because savvy founding fathers knew there would be people like Richard Nixon, Sen. Joe McCarthy, and President Donald Trump who would rise to power and attempt to use it against America and its citizens for their own specious purposes.

Reporters are not the enemies of the people. We are the people. We are Americans who willingly take stressful, low-paying jobs and face grueling hours. We make endless personal sacrifices for one purpose: to accurately, fairly and unabashedly tell you about your government, your community and your world.

Reporters, editors and photographers hold personal beliefs about politics, government, religion, culture and science as varied and disparate as everywhere else in the nation, because we are the nation.

If there is one underlying motivation among every journalist that’s ever worked here, or at newspapers like ours across the country, it’s the demand for truth and justice. Journalists are bound to ensure that our work promotes justice for the poor, the rich, Jews and Catholics, atheists and zealots, victims and criminals, the right and the left.

We strive to allow justice to flourish by telling America what we see, what we hear and what we reveal. Only truth can ensure justice in a society, and only a free and unfettered press can offer a society truth.

That’s what we do. Not as enemies of the people, but as the

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  1. I used to think that the media was vital to preserving the nation by telling the truth about what transpired. That was before the media just became a tool for different political parties. I used to think that video coverage of police events would be good because it would begin to shine a light on the fact that the police need more training and that police leaders were lying about the training and their poor leadership. I was wrong. It has all just led to second guessing and political sides using it for their purposes. The media does not do honest reporting or dig into issues in fair way. The Sentinel is just an opposite side of dishonest from Trump. There are important questions and solutions that are never addressed by the Sentinel or any media outlet. If you are in law enforcement, you know that the media has not addressed why thousands of officers left after the legislature passed the police reform bill. Important question with no real reporting of huge problems with the bill. The media is not talking about the problems that are being created by radical legislators. Law enforcement is basically disabled and the police officers who understand the problem have no voice to inform the public. The Sentinel gives only a liberal view and ignores facts on a regular basis. Many editorials written by the Sentinel have been full of untruths and exaggerations. The right wing media do the same thing. No honest and factual reporting. No voice for people who work in our society who know the truth about issues. There is only a narrative pushed by either side with nothing but a desire for power and control. So, we have a poorly informed society that cannot make accurate decisions because they are fed propaganda by both sides. I can’t agree with the analysis in this editorial.No public service here.

  2. Addressing the outright lies in this pathetic attempt at unbiased writing would take a month

  3. Just look at the language… bias and attacking. Low paying job to be a reporter… give me a break… most are overpaid. Without personal agendas most could and should stay in bed. I think most people are just tired of news that says government is so upright and honest. Who would spend millions to get a 50k job… crooks looking to make money. Who writes dribble about them, journalist who went to woke schools and thinks democracy is out dated. God it is good so few are reading or listening to empty bobble heads.

    1. So, of all the reporters that you know, most are overpaid? We must read and view different media, because I can’t think of a recent story claiming that government is ;…so upright and honest.’ You may want to look at the coverage of what’s going on in the Tennessee and Montana legislatures.

      I hope your exposure to and grasp of information improve before the 2024 election.

  4. What was it Socrates said about the unexamined life? The Senitinel editorial board seems unable to examine themselves.

  5. Just more self serving, one sided verbal vomit from the Sentinel Blog Editorial Staff.

    I believe more and more citizens of Aurora are getting the knowledge that the Sentinel Blog is only one sided in both the news that they report and certainly the editorials.

    High schoolers, Aurora’s immigrant community, diversity driven citizens, development haters and local socialists will not keep this Blog alive much longer and I for one, now look forward to that day.

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