EDITORIAL: In excusing Trump’s crimes, the new GOP cedes control to extremists

This image from video shows a slide presented by Democrats prosecuting the impeachment of former President Donald Trump in the Senate at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021. The slide shows a photo of President Trump’s motorcade driving by a group of his supporters participating in a rally in Washington on Nov. 14, 2020, juxtaposed with a tweet from Trump on Dec. 12, 2020, declaring the “fight” had just begun. It was one of many images, videos and quotes used by prosecutors as they sought to make the case that the president had incited a mob of supporters to insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. (Senate Television via AP)

Saturday Feb. 13, 2021 was simultaneously a dark yet illuminating day for America.

After days of wrenching, persuasive evidence against Donald Trump for having incited the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, 43 Republican senators voted against holding the nation’s former president accountable in the only way they can.

The predictable acquittal was nearly as horrific as the attack Trump undoubtedly incited.

Foolishly, most of those Republicans refusing to vote against Trump did so in a vain attempt to cling to their elected offices and power. They voted against conviction, fearful that Trump might turn his brutal disciples against them.

After scrutinizing Trump’s actions and behavior, Republicans who have bought into the “patriot” contract have every reason to fear him.

Trump has shown repeatedly he is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to save himself. The impeachment case revealed that Trump was willing to immolate the very lives of Vice President Mike Pence and other “weak Republicans” who refused to do his corrupt bidding. 

These foolish Republican senators and congresspersons actually have no power. They are now nothing more than lackeys allowed to hold their elected positions only as long as they toe the MAGA “patriot” Party line. Their flavor of democracy tastes like China’s.

They live in fear knowing that had Trump’s insurgent terrorists come upon any of them after breaking into the Capitol, they could easily have been murdered by the violent, raging mob. These were criminals threatening to kill the vice president, allowing Trump to install a more compliant officer, one willing to try to usurp the Constitution and the will of the voters.

The appropriation of the GOP by Trump and his “patriots” has left millions of conservatives without representation. They are now without a political party. Right or wrong, the reliable Republican call for smaller government, individual responsibility and fiscal prudence has been drowned out by Trump’s siren song of racism, xenophobia, white nationalism and authoritarianism.

Nearly his entire political career and philosophy is provably built on lies.

In most parts of the country, including here in Colorado, zealot control of the GOP is nearly complete.

Faithful Trump sycophant Rep. Doug Lamborn parroted the base’s talking points during the trial.

“Trump’s defense lawyers crushed the argument of the Democrat impeachment managers,” Lamborn said, even as Republicans themselves bashed Trump’s attorneys’ remarkably feeble show. “They have exposed the outright hypocrisy and double standards of Democrats, whose hatred of Trump and all Republicans is obvious.”

More of the same by novice Colorado Congressperson Lauren Boebert, who is under fire for her own part in pressing The Big Lie about election fraud and encouraging the insurrection.

She offered her Twitter followers a survey asking, “Is this sham impeachment trial a waste of our time & taxpayer money?” The only choices in the survey were “yes.”

These are the conditions that the rest of Congress must work under as it faces some of the most serious challenges in the nation’s history.

Republican leaders, and rank and file, have made clear their allegiance to a swelling army of zealots who want a government run by demagogues.

American democracy wasn’t created for such antithetical contrivances, and the urgent crises the nation faces demand responsible, practical leadership.

Democrats should end the anachronistic Senate filibuster, allowing them to maneuver past the guaranteed obstruction of a growing puerile party of adversaries. 

The Republican Party is, at least for now, gone, usurped by extremists who obey a proven criminal, lurking as the mob boss of a shadow government. 

There can be no civil, rational political discourse with people who dodge or don’t recognize reality. President Joe Biden and this Congress must forge ahead to correct the mistakes of the last four years and right the nation’s path with or without what’s become of the GOP.


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3 months ago


2 months ago

Obviously the group think for this article is biased. I do not condone any violence toward others, while I have to assume you bless all black lives matters protests… because you don’t relate to owners of burned out and businesses that lost millions in thief. Sure there was a mass gathering… but why? Black lives rioted for months without any punishment. So the ones that identify as Patriots have no input into government. The Democrats are not interested in working bi-partisan because if they did the covid package and payments would have gone out under Trump. I don’t care who did it, but I do find it offensive that you have such a double standard. Americans deserve the chance to have the people that represent them. They absolutely have the right to protest- not violence. You are selling garbage… there was one gun… the unfortunate death has yet to be determined as to cause. JUMP to false conclusions- be a liar, and then don’t correct your newz errors. BE FAIR not the part of the division of the US. STOP stroking the politics of one against the other. Remember 49 . something percent are on the other side. Just because Colo is blue today the ram it through politics will ultimately fail. Then you tuck you tail and hide?

2 months ago

Every relief bill up to this one has been with both sides working together… This bill costs each of you and me lots of money. You already owe 233,838 to pay past spending. How do you like your gas prices?.