EDITORIAL: Colorado GOP, Dems can counter Trump lies about mail ballots, Postal Service


If ever there was a cause celebré for Republicans and Democrats alike to rally around, it would be to protect the Postal Service from the untrustworthy hands of President Donald Trump and press for the expansion of mail-ballot voting.

The list of grievances, high crimes and misdemeanors inflicted on the nation by Trump and his accomplices grows daily. But Trump’s repeated lying about the safety and accuracy of mail-ballot voting, and the threat that he would sabotage the Postal Service to undermine the election, sets off red alerts for Congress and the nation.

It’s unclear in the midst of the pandemic, the election and endless Trump corruption complicity by fellow Republicans as to just how endangered the US Postal Service is from White House schemes, but given Trump’s dearth of credibility and veracity, Americans must assume the worst.

Trump lies almost daily about mail-ballot elections being rife with fraud. They are not. They never have been. No matter how many times Trump and his cronies say it, it is only a lie.

Don’t take Democrat’s word for it. Ask Colorado’s former Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams. Williams was the state’s top election official from 2014 through 2018 and was lauded by officials on both sides of the aisle for ensuring fair and accurate elections. He was joined in that effort by more than 60 Democratic and Republican county clerks across Colorado making sure that every vote is counted in Colorado and fraudulent votes are not.

A Williams-run investigation into potential voter fraud turned up only a few suspects, which then turned up virtually no charges anywhere in the state.

“It’s rare because our regulations and laws are designed to prevent it,” Williams said in a 2018 written report to a national query.

If that’s not good enough, ask Republican Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler. He pursued the flimsy leads into supposed voter fraud charges in 2013 and came up with allegations made against only four confused immigrants, admitting, Colorado’s mail ballot system did not produce the cheating that alarmists wrongly claimed.

“This is evidence that voter fraud isn’t epidemic,” Brauchler said then.

Even before the 2020 pandemic crisis, Democrats and Republicans alike have lauded the choice to either fill out a ballot at home, or head to a voting center and stand in line if that’s what makes your “I Voted” sticker feel most satisfying.

With the pandemic crisis? Mail ballot voting is literally a life saver for untold Colorado voters.

And because of the system, the state’s Democracy is stronger because it’s not only accurate and safe, but it increases voter participation. More people exercising their Democratic rights and responsibility is never a bad thing.

The lying about mail -ballot voting and the danger of the USPS is nefarious, however.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser was right in joining other state attorneys general, Republican and Democrat, in suing the Postal Service to stop from undermining the massive system under the guise of “business reform.”

The Postal Service, like the government, is not a business, and it cannot be run like one. The mission of the USPS is not to turn a profit, but to deliver mail to everyone in the nation, and to help send it all over the world.

The Postal Service should no more be run like a business than should Medicare, the United States Geological Service or the local fire department. Postal patrons should pay an affordable fee to use the service, but the USPS is not an enterprise, nor should it be treated like one. The Postal Service delivers checks, medicine and legal  documents across vast regions of rural Colorado and America, often being the only reliable link of delivery and communication.

And, it’s the voting booth for millions of Colorado voters. While it’s prudent and efficient to allow and even encourage state voters to drop off ballots at sanctioned collection sites, drop-off in many rural parts of the state is virtually impossible, and those voters are Republicans, Democrats and neither.

Statewide elected leaders here must reach out to and join others in the nation in pushing back against the lies about mail-ballot voting, and push back even harder against the efforts by Trump and others to undermine one of the most important and trusted American institutions under the deceitful guise of trying to “fix it.”