EDITORIAL: Brutal Texas abuse of women’s rights calls for concerted boycotts after Supreme Court abandons decades of prudence

FILE – In this Sept. 1, 2021 file photo, women protest against the six-week abortion ban at the Capitol in Austin, Texas. Even before a strict abortion ban took effect in Texas this week, clinics in neighboring states were fielding more and more calls from women desperate for options. The Texas law, allowed to stand in a decision Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021 by the U.S. Supreme Court, bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, typically around six weeks. (Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman via AP File)

Texas, a state that frequently elicits pity for how residents there are so frequently the victims of odious exploits inflicted by the very people elected to serve them, has now become a grave danger to the rest of the nation.

There’s no explaining away that women living in Texas suffered a direct hit this week from the Republican dominated state Legislature, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and the Republican controlled U.S. Supreme Court. Texas lawmakers and Abbott succeeded this year in effectively prohibiting access to safe, legal abortions in that state by enacting a so-called fetal heartbeat law.

The measure prohibits legal abortions after an embryonic pulse is detected, usually about six weeks after fertilization. Gynecologists point out that many women are unaware or uncertain of pregnancy before the arbitrary Texas clock interjects the government into a woman’s private health and reproductive decisions.

As a standard, rights bestowed women after the famous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision center on legal abortion to a point of fetal viability, about 24 weeks.

This malevolent seizure of women’s right to privacy and control of their own bodies comes from a cynical gang of politicians who also say the government has no right to insist people wear masks or vaccinate during a pandemic. Yet these same hipocritical lawmakers insist that the government force a woman to carry a pregnancy to miscarriage or term, even if the she is victim of rape or incest.

Texas is controlled by Republicans who refute clear science and good sense on many fronts, especially when it comes the endlessly controversial issue of abortion. It’s the stated goal of everyone involved in the issue, pro-choice and pro-life alike, to reduce the incidence of abortion. But rather than accept and promote proven best practices to reduce the need for abortion, through education and access to birth control, women in Texas are abused on both fronts by the government installed there.

Texas Republicans impose their own extremist religious views on state residents, treating women’s need for birth control as a non-medical perk. While at the same time, lawmakers ensure that the need for sexual dysfunction drugs and procedures for Texas men is unabated by workplace and other insurance regulations.

Texas is a state that has worked to reduce access to Medicaid, a chief source of effective and safe birth control for indigent women, and never a source for abortion.

Other recent news in Texas is just as dire. Residents, and especially those who are poor, people of color and working women, must now struggle harder to vote for candidates that will protect their rights.

Recent news reveals that Abbot and GOP state lawmakers, fast to undermine the rights of women, have bolstered the right to strap on a gun virtually anywhere and without any licensing or regulation, a move that even Texas police insist endangers everyone in the state.

Just as shocking is the news that Abbott refuses to protect the health of Texas residents being enveloped by the pandemic, creating further danger as the hospital system in that state teeters.

Texas women, and the rest of the nation, were stunned when the Supreme Court, in the middle of the night on Wednesday, purposely allowed this clearly unconstitutional and dangerous Texas law to roll out. The move by the newly overtaken Supreme Court was a turnaround from decades of prudent ruling.

Women in Texas have been abandoned to suffer the whims of a barbaric ruling political party intent on imposing their religion and their will on millions of now helpless wives, daughters, friends and unnamed victims of sexual assault.

While the nation’s legal options are muddled, other avenues are open to rescue women being injured by Texas Republican zealots.

Businesses, government agencies and alarmed residents, in Colorado and across the country, should immediately curtail all travel and business ventures in that state. The boycott would work similarly to how the nation effectively yanked the reins on North Carolina when Republicans in that state went rogue, trampling the rights of transgender citizens in 2017.

The need for a solid Texas boycott is clear. It not only works to protect victims in Texas directly harmed by these unwarranted restrictions on women’s rights, it would serve to protect the health-care system in other states. Undoubtedly women will be forced to flee Texas to receive abortion health care, or flee Texas to receive health care after attempting illegal or self-care abortion services in Texas. Either move could dangerously impact already tenuous abortion health-care systems in states neighboring Texas.

Abandoned by the Supreme Court — refusing to set aside this immediately dangerous until its legal perils can be exposed — the nation has no effective recourse other than to treat ruling Texas Republicans as we would treat any other regime that inflicts such brutal rights abuses on its citizens,  with effective and immediate sanctions.


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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
20 days ago

Texas legislators and the Taliban are cut from the same cloth. Both seek to foist their extremist religious views on those over whom they have power. This is wrong, no matter who does it.

19 days ago

I guess this is how Republican’s claim to make America great again going back to when women don’t have health care rights. No thank you!