EDITORIAL: Aurora, state, may have to aid DACA kids if Trump assails them


Despite the seemingly unsolvable quagmire in Washington over immigration reform, only one thing truly prevents a bipartisan solution from ensuring the future of almost 700,000 Americans: President Donald Trump.

Republicans are manufacturing fever-pitch disdain for the Democrat-fueled Trump impeachment hearings. Regardless, It would take no more than a few days for both houses of Congress to produce another bi-partisan deal to save hundreds of thousands of so-called DREAMers from being deported, if Trump said he would sign it.

Trump won’t have it.

The easily solvable problem became critical again after the Supreme Court signaled last week it could allow Trump to make good on threats to administratively end the DACA program that former President Barrack Obama created in 2012. Obama’s hands were forced because the GOP controlled congress then refused to legislate a solution.

Upending the lives of DACA recipients is a huge problem for Aurora and all of Colorado. The Center for American Progress, a liberal advocacy group, estimates some 15,000 DACA recipients live in Colorado, according to a recent Associated Press story. The group says these DACA recipients are paying $173.1 million in Colorado and federal taxes each year.

The Supreme Court would be right to rule that an administrative solution created by one president should be fodder for amendment or termination by subsequent administrations. In light of Trump destroying the lives of more than 600,000 taxpaying Americans, however, the high court would be remiss to ignore those facts in this case.

This saga was never about anything but blameless children being needlessly caught up in hopeless politics.

Obama compelled the country onto a path of common sense and decency when he imposed DACA by executive order. The measure gives children raised in the United States, brought here by their undocumented parents, a reprieve from the threat of deportation.

While illegal-immigrant adults are still suffering in political purgatory, at least those children who qualify for the DACA program have been shown some mercy. It’s a no-brainer.

Republicans in Congress have made it perfectly clear they will easily sacrifice those children’s lives to negotiate other political rewards, but they have at least offered some semblance of a solution that could pass on to the White House.

Trump struggling against impeachment and vying for another term, has made himself the fuse and fuel for a relentless and unscrupulous anti-immigrant movement.

Democrats and Republicans who understand the plight of DACA kids, and the humanitarian, righteous need to except them from the country’s immigration conundrum, have agreed to act.

If the Supreme Court acts against the DACA recipients and Trump signals he will not accept a legislative solution, Democrats must find a way to hold Trump at bay until he is gone, or Aurora and Colorado residents must find ways to shield DACA residents from Trump efforts to wrongly punish them for crimes they’ve never committed.