EDITORIAL: Aurora and Colorado need Jason Crow in Congress


Regardless of who wins the White House in November, everyone who lives and works in the greater Aurora region will have a strong ally in Congressman Jason Crow.

Voters would be wise to re-elect him to a second term.

Despite this being Crow’s first term in Congress, he has demonstrated impressive breadth and discipline to tackle a wide variety of issues, and he has remained highly engaged with his constituents.

As testament to his value as a lawmaker in the Democratic held House, Crow was tabbed as a House manager of the Trump Impeachment trial. He was an important part of the House making a compelling argument for Trump’s conviction, overturned only because of one of the most ghastly political spectacles by Republicans ever to sully the Senate.

Soon after, Crow became an important voice in developing a strategy for how the nation would weather the new coronavirus pandemic. While the Trump administration has dangerously bungled management of the crisis, Crow has been a steady asset in the House to help Colorado struggle with 49 other states for resources and direction.

As the Republican-led Senate and the Trump White House continue to undermine the Affordable Care Act, Crow’s voice and vote have been important in protecting health care rights of all Americans, rather than just those of the wealthy. Should both or either the White House or Senate come under new leadership, Crow’s push for overdue reform of the ACA will be critical.

We have no confidence in the Republican babble about wanting to protect consumers with pre-existing conditions by eradicating the ACA and replacing it with something “better.” Anyone who witnessed the creation of the ACA knows this critical part of the act was the most difficult to push onto insurers. If Republicans have something better, produce it. Americans have heard enough empty promises.

Likewise, if the Nov. 3 election offers new leadership in Washington, the nation needs people like Crow in Congress to immediately press through meaningful, comprehensive immigration reform. He has been instrumental in his own district in holding private immigration prison companies accountable for myriad problems. He’s made a strong case for ending a for-profit industry that bodes ill for the “customers” it serves and the community. Crow has shown that showing compassion and respect for immigrants, employers and citizens is the first step toward creating comprehensive reforms that are long overdue.

Challenging Crow is former Colorado GOP chief Steve House, an insightful, affable student of Colorado politics. He’s regularly offered such heart-felt compassion to the Aurora region’s vastly diverse community.

His willingness to truly listen to opposing viewpoints is a quality many elected Colorado Republicans lack and everyone would benefit by House showing the GOP how it’s done.

But House offers a vision for critical health care reform that looks just like the state of health care in the nation that led to the need for the ACA. He has many good observations about the ACA’s shortcomings, but pushing away from a public option without total reform, and shunning eventual universal care, won’t heal what’s ailing American health care.

And while House appears to be a perfect role model for Republican congressmen like Doug Lamborn and Ken Buck, he shares their Achilles heel by declaring his support for Trump, even in the face of the president’s dangerous and odious lies, crimes and malfeasance. Colorado already has that problem with Cory Gardner, Buck and Lamborn.

If ever there were a time for country over party, this is that time. Crow has repeatedly shown he values his independence, and that’s a crucial asset to his constituents. Re-elect Jason Crow.