EDITORIAL: Americans are not rubes, Trump’s Ukraine scandal and admissions speak for themselves


An honorable person would resign as president of the United States after admitting he asked the leader of a foreign government to help find dirt on a political opponent.

An honorable person, however, would never make the request. It’s the behavior of a corrupt and criminal man.

President Donald Trump is so corrupt he does not see the danger and criminality in making just such a request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Trump released a rough account of the damning conversation between the two leaders in July.

No one, not even Trump, is denying the fact that he requested “a favor” of Zelensky to investigate rival Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

The request itself is staggering and indefensible. Even without the hardly nuanced aspects of clear extortion — a “quid pro quo,” threat made to Zelensky — Trump’s asking a foreign leader to help attack his political enemy is far beyond an abuse of office. Such an unfathomable tactic invites real national security danger to the United States, especially given that Trump’s scheme was with Ukraine officials.

The relationship between Russia, the United States and Ukraine are already fraught with political and military peril. If Zelensky turns out to be as corrupt as Trump, it would be easy for him to later “ask a favor” of Trump to act some way beneficially for Ukraine, even if it’s counter to the interests of the United States. Zelensky could easily blackmail Trump into acting in Ukraine’s behalf to prevent Trump’s request about Biden from going public.

That’s the very basis of the now-famous whistleblower report that outed Trump and his White House administration last week.

That report isn’t long  or complex. It methodically lays out how Trump made the Biden request, and how the White House staff, knowing how explosive and felonious Trump’s request was, worked to cover it up.

Solidifying the case of corruption against Trump are repeated interventions by his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, into the affairs of Ukraine. It was an admitted attempt to further persuade Ukraine government to dig up dirt on the Bidens.

These aren’t allegations. They’re admissions.

It’s only more of the usual Team Trump detritus that he, Giuliani and his GOP Congressional supporters have repeatedly lied and misled the public on the well-documented history of Joe Biden and Ukraine before Trump took office.

More important none of this absolves Trump from soliciting the help of a foreign nation to help undermine his political foe, endangering all Americans.

Not only is it appalling that Trump won’t resign, but it’s equally alarming that some members of Congress defend the indefensible in what has become a deadly partisan war in Washington.

Colorado GOP Congressman Ken Buck, who is also the chairman of the state Republican Party, not only defends Trump’s crimes but insists that the firestorm created by Trump is nothing but manufactured drama by unhappy Democrats.

Buck and others are hoping to play Americans as rubes. They expect Americans to disbelieve or disregard what they’ve clearly seen and heard.

There isn’t a cogent, intellectually honest person in the country who knows that if Trump were a Democrat, Republicans would be equally or even more publicly aghast at Trump’s attempt for Ukraine collusion and the surrounding mendacity.

The nation is fatigued by the endless river of news about Trump’s illicit and illegal exploits as president.

However, these charges of abuse of power and attempt to collude with another nation for Trump’s own political plot are not just another in a long list of credible allegations. Everyone should read the short and clear phone-call transcript and the whistleblower report for themselves.

They make it undeniable that Trump tried to undermine the security and election integrity of the United States for his own political gain.

Without question, Trump’s crimes warrant impeachment. It will be up to Republicans in the Senate to decide whether they can set aside partisan antics to convict Trump. And it’s up to Americans to speak up, speak out and make that happen.