PERRY: Nothing’s changed, America; Trump is still anathema, Clinton is still the only choice


Take a slow, deep breath, folks. Nothing’s really changed in the last few days, or the last several months for that matter.

While Trump and his supporters want to make it that the absurd concussion grenade FBI Director James Comey tossed into the election Friday is a game changer, it’s just not.

Donald Trump is the same bombastic, prevaricating, bloviating, conspiracy-spinning, sexual predator and demagogue that he always was. No matter what’s happened during the last few days, Trump has yet to earn the serious endorsement of a single reputable newspaper. Even those conservative newspapers that have never, ever endorsed a Democrat, the message has been relenting and consistent. These newspapers don’t just suggest a better and higher road with Hillary Clinton, they have one by one agreed that Trump is a dangerous, inept, foul, con man who will inflict untold damage on the nation and its citizens.

That is not hyperbole, and it’s not unwarranted. Trump has been gleefully doubling down on his hateful, delusional rhetoric since Comey announced Friday the FBI wanted to see emails on the computer of the disgraced and perverted spouse of a Clinton aide. Comey’s rolling, surreal disaster in how he’s handled the entire Clinton email issue is a problem unto itself, wrongly inflicted on the waning days of this campaign.

But the immediate problem is Trump, not Comey. Trump has repeatedly insisted in the last few days that Colorado’s election system is “rigged” and unreliable. That if is shows any result other than his victory, it’s been corrupted.

His bizarre and repugnant blathering and behavior have washed over the country so long and with such numbing vitriol that dangerous and despicable stunts like that no longer garner the shock and disgust they should.

This inept fool is saying that in a state where a staunch Republican in charge of all elections and an army of equally staunch Republican county election clerks, they are so inept or corrupt that they would encourage or allow Democrats to cheat their way to victory, especially in the presidential race. It’s a lie.

Trump’s spurious and unbridled inanity knows no bounds. He has been that way from the beginning, and he will finish Election Day the same pathetic liar and cheat he began this race, whether he wins the White House or not.

Nothing has changed. And the problem of Donald Trump didn’t spontaneously inflict the United States a few months ago. Responsibility for the monstrosity of Trump lies squarely with the Republican Party. It was GOP rank and file during the first Bush administration that let this ugliness through the door with “leaders” like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh. By flirting with this fringe group and using them for new votes and cash, Republicans at first emboldened them. Then they began to embrace them, elevating previously unthinkable extremists to high-profile spots. Extremists like Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Joni Ernst, Tom Cotton — and Donald Trump — are now the face of the Republican Party.

The new Republicans began their dogged stalking of Hillary Clinton as soon as she became first lady, and they’ve only ramped up their obsessive hyperbole since.

The unbridled exaggerations and outright fabrications about Clinton are without precedence. And as her second run for the White House became imminent four years ago, their witch hunt has reached fever pitch, playing the tell-a big-loud-lie game started by Limbaugh and Gingrich decades ago.

Naively trying to find ways to scuttle their stalking attacks, Clinton has made dumb mistakes, mistakes that have purposely been blown so far out of proportion that to anyone honest and informed, they appear comical. Even dependable conservative media have highlighted that fact.

But in their zeal to stop Hillary Clinton at all costs and appease their festering tea party, the GOP has come undone.

Now, the inmates have taken ruthless control of the GOP asylum, and the rank-and-file and even party leaders are petrified of what Trump’s minions will do. Rather than boldly and courageously denounce Trump for what he is, a fraud, they contrive ways to distance themselves just enough to keep from infuriating his fans — but not draw invective from mainstream Americans for their stunts.

It’s scandalous, given what’s at stake. These same Republicans fear a Trump victory even more than do Democrats, knowing that they dare not “stand up” to a President Trump. If they do, he has made it clear he and his fans will destroy them.

If Trump wins, and when his fraudulence is outed, Democrats will make hay in Congress in two years to punish Trump’s supporters and to try and save the country. All is lost for the GOP with a Trump victory. But worse, all would be lost for all of us.

It’s been that way since Trump road the golden escalator down to announce his run for president, promising to “make America great again” by wrapping the worst of humanity in an American flag.

So here we are, days from an election, fighting the same fights. Never have so many people that so Americans trust from all sides of the political spectrum gone out of their way to warn against Donald Trump. Trump’s allies fighting back include the likes of dubious extremists like Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Palin, Roger Ailes, Andrew Breitbart and the infamous racist David Duke.

Take a deep breath, America. If you can’t see clear of the smokescreen, then look to those you admire and trust. The chances are almost certain that they’re voting for Clinton, even if they don’t agree with her political platform. And most likely, these people will  beseech you to vote for Clinton, too.

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