Perry: If you’re poor and sick, keep it to yourself so Trumpcare can work


Be honest. We talk a good game, but, when it comes right down to it, poor people in this country put a real damper on things, especially when it comes to health care.

The repeal-Obamacare quagmire in America has become so dire that we have no options left but to be brutally frank. If you’re poor, you’re going to get sick. You’ll stay sick, and then you’ll die sick.

Sorry. Sorta.

But, as a country, we’re sorrier that middle-class America, even upper middle-class America, can’t afford to go to the dentist, can’t afford surgery or even the tests to see what’s really wrong with us because it’s far too expensive.

It’s not that we can’t actually afford it. It’s just that American health care, which orbits around the American health-insurance industry, is so expensive now, that it surpasses car payments, mortgages and lots of other big-ticket items. We could give up everything but pouring most of our paychecks into the pockets of the health-care industry, but that just sucks.

So House Republicans have finally figured out why health care costs so much in the U.S. It’s because there are too many big, fat, unhealthy, lazy, poor people out there living the good life on taxpayer-funded Medicaid rolls. By offering government-paid health insurance to poor people, we have bankrupted Obamacare. Right here in Colorado, state House and Senate Republicans are working feverishly to find a way to stop the Medicaid gravy train overflowing with poor people too lazy or incompetent to get jobs that offer better health insurance benefits, or health benefits at all.

That’s the message that many conservatives are sending the country as they try and find a way to make Obamacare “better.”

It’s an impossible task. Obamacare was fatally flawed from the beginning. It assumed that a for-profit system would act like a benevolent government program. It can’t. It didn’t. It won’t.

It’s at least encouraging that Republicans have at long-last admitted that health insurance is so unaffordable that no government law can be created that isn’t tied to tax credits, subsidies or some kind of hand-out to almost everybody to make even the crappiest health insurance policies affordable.

Of course not every Republican wants to drastically reduce or end the Medicaid program. Congressmen from a handful of Southern and Midwestern states are right out there with Obamacare fans defending expanded Medicaid. They know full well that their jobs and the already fading political life of President Donald Trump are burnt toast if Congress dumps those poor GOP voters off the free-doctor dole. Those congressmen face the vicious-voter super-whammy, seeing how there are no jobs in those conservative states, vast masses of unhealthy, poor people, and few prospects for anything to change. All that states like Arkansas, Mississippi, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Alabama have going for them these days are a surplus of Make America Great Again placards and a growing need for stents and statins.

So the push in Congress right now is to rename Obamacare something, anything different, stop spending taxpayer dollars on providing health care for poor people, and let the insurance industry soak older Americans who pay for their health-care, and have paid gazillions into the system their entire lives.

Dumb move.

They forgot that hospitals and docs will still refuse to understand that poor people aren’t worthy of medical care unless they can pay for it. They forgot that when there is no Medicaid, the costs of doctor and hospital generosity is passed onto paying customers. And they forgot that older Americans waiting for America to get great again — now — will vote those GOP patriots out on their asses in a skipping heartbeat the day they get their first Blue Cross bill under Trumpcare.

Try and find any group, industry, doctor, hospital, insurance company or American with gray hair that thinks Trumpcare is a good idea, despite the shrill and nervous happy talk in the White House and Capitol.

Why do they persist in this folly?

Trumpcare is nothing more than the newest rendition of the American Health Care Shell Game we’ve been playing for decades.

Obamacare won’t work. Neither will Trumpcare. Divide and label the costs of American health care any way you want, somebody has to pay these over-the-top prices. That’s because we refuse to manage them like other countries do, who, remarkably, don’t have this problem.

We all lose because poor people refuse to just suck it up and get sick and die in private, and on their own dime.

So there’s your problem, America. What are you going to do about it? Elected officials voting soon on Trumpcare are standing by, waiting for your call.

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