ADAMS COUNTY GOP CHAIRPERSON: ‘We will not be sidelined’ about election integrity doubts

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the following letter by Adams County Republican Chairperson JoAnn Windholz, she refers to being “justifiably concerned about the integrity of our voting system due to the identified corruption and manipulation of votes.” To date, no one in Colorado nor anywhere else in the nation has produced any evidence to show that any voting tabulation software “manipulates” votes. The baseless allegations are among those perpetrated by President Trump and his lawyers in an attempt to subvert the 2020 presidential election. Trump’s own administration has vouched for the integrity of the systems used for the 2020 election, and the results it produced. Likewise, Republican and Democratic election officials, past and present, have spoken repeatedly about the integrity of mail-in ballot, tabulation and in-person voting systems in Adams County and across the state. After consideration, The Sentinel agrees that Windholz’ opinions regarding her political party’s lack of confidence in the system are important, despite the undeniable facts that she nor anyone has produced any evidence or logical assumptions justifying the lack of trust.

EDITOR: In regards the Nov. 24 story by Sentinel Colorado, “With only a ‘gut feeling’, Adams County GOP chairperson ‘rejects’ election outcome, suspects fraud” the Adams County Republican Committee has the duty to express serious concerns associated with the overall operations of the 2020 Election.

Although the Adams County Canvassing Board did certify the election, it does not reflect the validity of the overall election.

As I stated Nov. 24, “this is not a challenge to the Adams County Clerk and Recorder or the Election Office.”

However, the Adams County Republican Committee, like others across the nation whose counties use Dominion and Smartmatic software, are justifiably concerned about the integrity of our voting system due to the identified corruption and manipulation of votes.

Also, the level of trust in the use of mail-in ballot process is questionable particularly since Judicial Watch has filed suite against Colorado concerning HAVA (maintenance of voter roles).

As previously stated, we have a real concern with the changes to the election rules just prior to the 2020 election. These changes affected 64 Colorado Counties depending upon the discretion of the county clerk and recorder. It does not matter whether they used the Dominion system.

It may be called a “gut feeling” about my reaction to GOP candidates doing so poorly in Adams County, but the statement offered by Sentinel Colorado in response to the original press release by the Adams County Republican Committee on Nov. 24, 2020 goes on to say, and I quote, “Adams County has trended left in recent years… in the so-called blue wave of 2018,” is not an acceptable conclusion.

It is a simplified and weak conclusion. Again, it is the responsibility of the Adams County Republican Committee to question and put on notice that we will not be sidelined as to the process associated with any election going forward. It is a question of trust.

JoAnn Windholz is a former Colorado state representative and current chairperson of the Adams County Republican Party.