AURORA | In another effort to increase transparency in Aurora, local lawmakers will consider a proposal requiring lobbyists to register if they’re working in the city. 

The measure is on the agenda for the council’s special study session Monday.

At-large councilwoman Angela Lawson, who also works for the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, first introduced the idea to a city policy committee in October. 

The registration, if passed by ordinance, wouldn’t penalize lobbyists or city officials for interacting. It would instruct lobbyists to file quarterly reports about their lobbying efforts, however. 

Those reporters would disclose “any expenditure over $75 directly benefiting a covered official,” according to city documents. “This does not prohibit expenditures over $75, it only requires reporting.”

Council members are slated to take up a revised ethics, separate from Lawson’s plan, in August. That proposal, being lead by council members Nicole Johnston and Charlie Richardson, spells out gift limits, and would prohibit an elected official from accepting more than $75 for any meals, tickets or gifts from a lobbyist per year.

Some council members said that condition seemed too harsh.

Neighboring Denver requires lobbyists to register. Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio and San Francisco are among many major US cities that require similar reporting.

If passed, lobbyists would be required to begin registering at the beginning of 2020.

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer