AURORA | A University of Phoenix learning center in Aurora is one of more than 100 facilities set to close within the next year, according to officials from the for-profit education company.

The Southlands Learning Center, a small satellite facility in the University of Phoenix’s larger Colorado network of campuses and classrooms, is set to close within the next year. The Southglenn Learning Center in Centennial is also slated for closure, as are buildings in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

The move is part of a larger shift toward online resources and curriculum by Arizona-based company, which is a subsidiary of the Apollo Group. University of Phoenix spokesman Ryan Rauzon said the closures would allow the company to ramp up its web resources, improve buildings with heavy student traffic and keep tuition stable for students across the country.

“Over the next year, 90 learning centers and 25 campuses will close. Starting today, they are no longer enrolling students who want to complete their coursework in a classroom-based learning model,” Rauzon said. “At 112 campuses throughout the country, we have a lot of demand. (Students) want to go to a classroom one night a week. We can now invest more in those classrooms.”

Rauzon added that teachers and counselors will work with students attending classes at the buildings slated for closure to find the closest University of Phoenix classroom to continue their studies.

“At the Southlands Learning Center, we’ve got a handful of students there who are going to work with their academic counselors,” Rauzon said. “Let’s call it 100 students around Centennial and Aurora. We’re going to continue to offer them a classroom. We have to get to them and we have to work with each.”

The national enrollment for the University of Phoenix is more than 300,000. In Colorado, the number is more than 7,000, Rauzon said. Tuition for a year with a full-time schedule runs between $13,000 and $15,000, he added.

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