So the best thing about The Sentinel’s Best of Aurora 2022 conferrals is that so much wonderful is so close to home.

If you’re thinking you have to drive or fly far, far away for the creamiest and poignant French feta cheese, you’re wrong. The stuff that dreams are made of are just down Parker Road near Yale Avenue at the Arash grocery store.

Just around the corner is green chili at Sam’s No. 3 so good it’ll cause the socks to be removed from your lower extremities.

There are hundreds of places in Aurora that are not only the best you can find nearby, but anywhere as well.

If there’s a slow-roasted chicken better than Juan’s Super Pollo across the street from the Anschutz Medical Complex, you need to tell us about it.

After weeks of soliciting first Best of Aurora nominations from about 2,500 Sentinel Colorado readers across almost 200 categories, more than 5,000 more of you narrowed down the list to finalists and another 5,000 readers picked 2022 winners.

This week we celebrate Aurora’s best. Read and peruse what makes living here so good and what draws so many to A-Town. 

It’s clear Aurora has a lot to boast about.

When it comes to bringing the people, the languages, the cultures and the foods of the world all right here, there’s no place like Aurora.

Luscious Ethiopian injera and some of the most incredible, exotic things ever to wrap it around are right here. African goat soup. Russian chocolates. Polish sour cream and sausages. Moroccan pastilla. Indian potato curry. Korean pork dumplings. Cuban tostones. You get the idea.

And the best doesn’t stop at what’s for dinner. Top local athletes, banks and credit unions, services, shops, the place to get the perfect garden flowers or find bargains for kids clothing are right here.

Did we miss something or did Sentinel readers get it wrong? Look for next year’s effort to even the score.

Sentinel notebook on 2022 Best of Aurora

Read on for the results from voting readers. Here are some notes from staffers at the Sentinel on the streets regularly and reporting observations and a few additions. 

– Best place to park at King Soopers at Parker Road and Peoria Street

Nothing like extra caffeine, road construction, wretched traffic and a windy day to make your trip to the grocery store as enjoyable as possible. You pull into the parking lot only to be surrounded by a herd of lost people pushing buggies, cars filled with drivers trying to text and back up all at the same time and the line for gas taking up what little car space is left. To make your day just a bit better, drive into the north driveway. Keep going until you almost run into the ramen shop. Go straight up that row and for some reason, people forget that you can practically drive to the front door of King Soopers, and with all the empty pick-up-only parking slots, you’re in. You’re out, and there’s a buggy corral right there. You’re welcome.

– Best Local TV Weather Forecaster: Mike Nelson, The Denver Channel 7

From wind shear to the drought is here and what about that climate change, one person in Colorado has for years provided not just what you need to know to manage the snow on your windshield, but maintain the calm in the storm. When Mike offers up the forecast, he wraps it up in a soft, comfortable feeling of everything is going to be OK. If someone has bad news to pass your way, readers agree that Mike Nelson is the guy you want giving it to you. 

— Best Place to Meet for Coffee: Jubilee Roasting Co. 

Over the past two years, many of us have sorely missed meeting up at Aurora’s coffee houses, and among the best has to be at Jubilee Roasting Co. Between the vanilla lattes and general vibe, it’s a good place to get comfortable and talk about Aurora happenings, work gossip or catch up with an old friend. Find a table at the 1452 Kenton Street location in north Aurora and we’ll bet you’ll see a familiar face there, too.

— Best Ice Cream: Sweet Cow at the Stanley Marketplace

Nothing says summer like ice cream, and nothing delivers quite like Sweet Cow at Stanley Marketplace. There are plenty of popular homemade outlets across the metro area but Sweet Cow is unique — and eclectic. Their ice cream is handcrafted and fresh every day, with a rotating cast of flavors that keep you on your toes and ensures that nobody ever gets bored. From the simple (ozo coffee, dutch chocolate), to the unique (California fig, Bailey’s Irish cream) to the “what even is that” (E.T. phone home — crunchy peanut butter with Reese’s, apparently) the flavorboard is sure to offer something for everyone no matter when you show up (including the dairy free — there’s always one or two delectable sorbets and vegan ice creams). Our only complaint is how long the line can stretch at Stanley, but hey, that just goes to show that it’s popular.

Nick’s Garden Center & Farm Mart was voted Best Garden Store/Nursery in Aurora.
Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

— Best Place to Sneak Off to on WFH Days: Nick’s Garden Center

We’’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve taken a few work calls while perusing the aisles of Nick’s Garden Center. In the early days of the pandemic it was one of the few places we felt safe visiting. When all the bad news felt a bit too much, we’d promise ourselves a new jade plant or planter of petunias for the patio from the nursery at 2001 South Chambers Road. Even today, if it’s a slow day while we’re working from the home office, we won’t shy away from a mid-day jaunt to Nick’s. Pop in the AirPods, go off-camera and load up your cart as you digest another meeting that should have been an email. 

— Best Food Truck: What Would Cheesus Do 

If there’s one thing we love around here, it’s puns. That alone would make What Would Cheesus Do a frontrunner in the race to best food truck, but it’s actually the impressive menu that sets this cafe on wheels apart from the rest. Grilled cheese dippers and a cup of tomato soup go fast, so make sure you’re at the head of the line. Otherwise you can’t go wrong with the Forsaken Bacon: Sharp cheddar, honey ham, bacon, apple butter and a wildflower honey drizzle. Yum. 

— Best Place to Take In World Class Art:  Fulginiti Pavilion at the Center for Bioethics and Humanities

You might not think that Aurora is a big art town, and for the most part, you’d be right. But one of the region’s best kept secrets is that the Fulginiti Pavilion at the Center for Bioethics and Humanities on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus brings in some heavy hitters. In 2017, you could find works by Monet, Rodin, Degas and Picasso on exhibit. Currently, a photo exhibit of portraits of older  LGBTQ+ women is on display. The pavilion is still only accessible to students and staff of the campus because of COVID-19 restrictions, but definitely worth keeping on the radar once it’s open to the general public again.

— Best Non-Human Power Couple: George and Gracie

Aurora’s reputation for welcoming new arrivals has yet to win over George and Gracie — two migratory Canada geese who returned recently to their seasonal nest in a planter outside of the Aurora Municipal Center. The birds are notoriously territorial and protective of their young, which at one point forced the city to put out a sign warning visitors away from Gracie and her goslings. According to Mayor Mike Coffman, George and Gracie have been nesting in the same planter for at least five years, and their return signals the arrival of spring to city workers. Geese are also known to mate for life, meaning their flightless cohabitants at City Hall can look forward to many more years of terror from the two lovebirds.

Quincy Reservoir was voted to have the best trail in Aurora.
Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

— Best pastries: House of Bread

House of Bread on 2020 S. Parker Road is just a few short minutes down the road from The Sentinel’s office, which is an extreme source of temptation for your caffeine-addicted correspondent. Even in a city with such a rich diversity of ethnic food as Aurora, this Armenian coffee shop is unique. Straight from the Caucasus to our hearts (and stomachs), House of Bread serves up a daily array of delicious fresh pastries and desserts, from croissants and cakes to Armenian specialties like Uzbek puffs (pastries stuffed with steak and onions) and perashki (deep-fried bread with a variety of fillings). It also offers up more substantial food on a made-to-order basis, including kabob plates and khachapuri — a baked bread boat containing a delicious combo of cheese and eggs. Bread to-go and European candy and drinks that you aren’t likely to find at your local grocery store are also on offer for those interested in trying something new or wanting to feel like they’re on a foreign vacation after the last several years. Though after you’ve eaten here, you might never want to leave Aurora.

— Best place to learn something new for free: Aurora Public Library

In our consumption-powered society, there are few places you can go to spend time without any expectation that you have to spend money. Public libraries are one of the few places bucking that trend, and while in the past they might have been considered just somewhere to sit quietly and read, the Aurora Public Library offers so much more. Its six branches are host to all sorts of programs and activities, from summer reading programs, book clubs, author visits, a seed library for all the gardeners out there and even a craft brews tour (where do I sign up?). APL is also hosting plenty of virtual activities for those who are homebound or still at high-risk for the coronavirus. In fact, online events have proved so popular that it caused program attendance to increase by 185% last year, according to APL. So be sure to stop by the library in person or virtually sometime in the next few months — you’re almost guaranteed to find something that’s up your alley. 

— Best Aurora City Council Guest: Blu, the Shelter Dog

Blu met council members in April, when her handlers from the Aurora Animal Shelter presented her as an example of a friendly pup available for adoption. According to shelter reps and a councilor who posted about the dog on social media, Blu was riding in the back of a truck in 2021 when she fell out onto the road. She was then dragged behind the vehicle, causing injuries and scarring across much of her body. But the rescue dog greeted lawmakers with a wagging tail and winning smile at her council debut, trotting behind the dais to say “hello” to the group. Her story has a happy ending — a city spokesman said Monday that Blu has been adopted. For her resilience and for bringing some joy to the weekly knife fight that is Aurora’s City Council, Blu deserves a spot among The Sentinel’s “Best Of”s. She already earned a spot in our hearts.

— Best Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office Rookie: Zeke Jones

Zeke was sworn in as the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office’s newest therapy-dog-in-training at the end of April. He joined the ranks of the Jones family around the same time, taking the name of deputy Travis Jones’ childhood pet, who also worked as a narcotics dog in the Aurora Police Department. The black Labrador puppy’s current assignment is at Newton Middle School, supporting students with special needs as well as those suffering from anxiety and depression. Travis Jones said in April that Zeke had already made friends with his kids. “They play together and act like siblings,” he said. “It was the same way with the first Zeke.”

Rosenberg’s Bagels won two awards this year. One for Best Bagel in Aurora and another for Best Deli in Aurora.
Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

— Best Place to Shop Sustainably: My Best Friend’s Closet 

There is something thrilling about a good thrift find, and those are more common than not at My Best Friend’s Closet, located in the Southlands mall in southeastern Aurora. The Colorado chain is similar to Plato’s Closet – you can sell gently used clothing and accessories for cash or credit in the store. The best part is that you’ll find brands you’d likely pay full price for, and that little extra boost of shopping serotonin is the best kind.

— Best Addictive Snack: Annette’s Popcorn 

There is no shortage of good snacks in Aurora, but perhaps the most unlikely contender that’ll keep you coming back for more is the popcorn at Annette, the brainchild of James Beard Award-winner Caroline Glover at Stanley Marketplace. The House Popcorn is simple: garlic, onion and nutritional yeast. “There’s no way that could be the BEST snack,” you might say. But Glover elevates a classic in such a simple way. It’s just great. Add a few orders to your burger dinner and bring them home for movie night. That’s the way to do it. 

— Best Policy Proposal for Beating the Summer Heat:  Free the Ice Cream Trucks

The sweet music of ice cream trucks could return to the streets of Aurora as soon as this summer in light of a proposal by Councilmember Dustin Zvonek to roll back a decades-old ban on the vehicles. Since 1957, treat trucks have been outlawed in Aurora — an ordinance at the time mentioned a citizen petition as well as the danger caused by children darting into traffic. But Zvonek and others say it’s time to pry the ice cream scooper out of the hands of overzealous regulators and make Aurora a place where enterprising drivers can again dispense cool treats on warm summer days. The proposal has already earned an early thumbs up from the president of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. And the Arapahoe County libertarians!

— Best Place to Donate a Bike: Second Chance Bicycle Shop

Ernie Clark began his nonprofit bicycle rehab out of a one-car garage; today, Second Chance Bikes boasts that it has given away tens of thousands of bicycles to young children, veterans and the homeless. The bike shop was in the news earlier this year, once it became clear that it would be displaced by the redevelopment of the East Bank Shopping Center. Ernie says he’s still looking for a permanent home for the nonprofit — they need to find a spot by October to pull off their yearly annual of bikes around Christmas. For the time being, you can find Ernie at 4122 S. Parker Road. Bring your old ride by, or, if you have time, help him and his volunteer crew fix up some bikes for kids and others in need. He says they’re always looking for help.

— Best Preps Marching Band: Eaglecrest High School

Quality music programs abound around Aurora, but Eaglecrest rises to forefront when it comes to the energy created by its band, especially during football games. The fields at Legacy Stadium or Stutler Bowl get filled with marching Raptors with festooned outfits, playing joyfully and with precision. Basketball games at the Nest get loud with the band filling half of the stands and taking center stage at key moments, while the band has occasionally appeared on the hill above school’s the softball and baseball fields to add to the ambience of competition. All that in addition to multiple concerts and performances.

Rick Crandall stands for a portrait, July 1, 2021, at the Colorado Freedom Memorial, of which he is the founder. Crandall was voted Best Radio Personality in Aurora.
Portrait by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

— Best Preps Athlete, Boy — Evan Johnson,  Grandview High School, football/track & field: 

If you came out to a Grandview football game or a track meet this season, if you blinked, you might have missed Johnson. Electric speed helped him lead Grandview in receiving (averaging nearly 20 yards per catch) and his kick returning prowess helped the Wolves — who made it to the Class 5A semifinals — field one of the state’s most dangerous special teams units. Johnson (who is headed to Colorado State-Pueblo) was a key part of Grandview’s 5A state championship on the track in 2021 and he was just as important as the Wolves repeated this season. He anchored the state championship-winning 4×100 meter relay team, which set the Colorado state record in the event in the prelims of the Centennial League Championship meet, where he also set Grandview’s school record in the 100 meter dash.

— Best Prep Sports Coach, Man: John Reyes,  Grandview High School Track & Field

Reyes’ track record (pun intended) at Grandview is impossible to argue with, as he has guided both the boys and girls teams to at least one state championship in the past six years and has done so by largely molding together a group of athletes with little to no experience in track and field coming into high school. Reyes’ boys teams have won back-to-back Class 5A state championships in commanding fashion, while he also led the Grandview girls team to a title in 2017 that saw the Wolves rack up a stunning 120 points in the process. Beloved by his athletes, Reyes stands out in an area that is loaded with quality coaches.

— Best Prep Sports Coach, Woman: Lisa Sparrow,  Overland High School Gymnastics

Gymnasts at Aurora high schools have only one program in the area to compete for — which is based at Overland High School — and it is one that so many want to be a part of, largely because of the presence of Sparrow and assistant coach Alan Herron. Sparrow used to serve as Herron’s assistant, but the two flipped roles several seasons ago for a program that has long held the status of one of the state’s powerhouses. Overland is one of the most successful programs in Colorado history terms of winning state championships and it picked up its sixth title in 2021 with one of its most commanding performances, as it had the winners of four of the five individual events (all-around, floor exercise, balance beam, uneven bars and vault) besides winning the team title.

The Tattered Cover won Best Bookstore in Aurora.
Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

— Best Preps Athlete, Girl: Blythe Cayko,  Eaglecrest High School, wrestling/track & field

The people have chosen well, as Cayko is a multi-sport standout who finished her season in both girls wrestling and track & field on the medal podium at the state tournament. Cayko was simply dominant in the girls wrestling season with a 32-0 record with all 32 wins coming via pin, the last of which won her the 185-pound state championship in the first girls wrestling state tournament held at Ball Arena. Cayko also was one of Aurora’s best throwers during the track season and earned ninth place in the girls shot put at the Class 5A state meet.

— Best High School Mascot:  Eaglecrest High School, yup, and eagle

Nothing against any of the students who dress up in costumes and try to whip their classmates into a frenzy, but nothing does that like the live mascot that is brought to various Eaglecrest school events. Through a partnership with nonprofit HawkQuest,
Eaglecrest — which has the nickname of the Raptors — gets the
inspiring appearance of a Bald Eagle at graduations, pep-rallies and sometimes at dances.

2022 Best of Aurora Winners Voting Results


Best Dispensary for a Newbie
Colorado Harvest
11002 E. Yale Ave.

Best Loyalty Rewards Program
16821 E. Iliff Aurora

Best Dispensary for a Connoisseur
Medicine Man
1901 S. Havana St.

Best Head Shop
Myxed Up Creations
1718 S. Chambers Rd.

Best CBD Store
Rocky Road Aurora
1712 S. Chambers Rd.
(720) 741-2501

Best Dispensary
11091 E. Mississippi Ave.


Best Preschool
Aurora Public Schools
15701 E. First Ave. #109

Best Preps Athlete, Female
Blythe Cayko,
Eaglecrest HS
Wrestling, Track

Best Public High School
Cherokee Trail
25901 E. Arapahoe Rd.

Best Place to Park
When you Go to the Airport
DIA Park
25200 E. 68th Ave.
303 288-7275

Best High School Mascot
Eaglecrest High School
5100 S. Picadilly St.

Best Preps Marching Band
Eaglecrest High School
5100 S. Picadilly St.

Best Preps Athlete, Male
Evan Johnson,
Grandview HS
Football/Track & Field

Best Public Middle School
Fox Ridge
26301 E. Arapahoe Rd.

Best Hotel for an Intown Escape
6700 N. Gaylords
Rockies Blvd.

Best Hotel for Out of Town Guests
Hyatt House
12230 E. Colfax Ave.

Best Prep Sports Coach, Male
John Reyes,
Grandview HS
Track and Field
20500 E Araphoe ave

Best Prep Sports Coach, Female
Lisa Sparrow,
Overland HS
12400 E. Jewell Ave.

Best Private School
Regis Jesuit High School
6300 S. Lewiston Way

Best Local Attraction
Stanley Marketplace
2501 Dallas St.

Best Public Elementary School
4050 S. Genoa Way


Best Fried Chicken
Angry Chicken
1930 S. Havanna St. #13

Best Place to Impress Out of Town Guests
2501 Dallas St. ste 108

Best Romantic Restaurant
2501 Dallas St. ste 108

Best Pierogi
Baba and Pops
9945 E. Colfax Ave.

Best Farm to Table
Bettola Bistro
10253 E. Iliff Ave

Best Iced Tea
Black Bear Diner
14100 E Iliff Ave,

Best Burger
25791 E. Smoky Hill Rd. #50

Best Middle Eastern
Cafe Paprika
13160 E Mississippi Ave,

Best Chicken Sandwich
14210 E. Alameda Ave.

Best for Healthy Eating
Coco Loco
2353 S. Havanna St. D-14

Best Hot Dogs
1471 S. Havana St.

Best Bakery
Daniels of Paris
12253 E. Iliff Ave.

Best Burrito
Casa Vallarta
4002 S. Parker Rd.

Best Brunch
Denver Biscuit Company
3237 E. Colfax Ave.

Best Biscuit
Denver Biscuit Company
3237 E. Colfax Ave.

Best Pizza
15150 E. 104th ave

Best Breakfast
Doug’s Diner
15444 E. Orchard Rd.

Best Chinese Dumplings
East China
15510 E. Centretech Parkway

Best TexMex
2790 S. Havanna St. x1

Best Steak
El Zarandiao
15109 E Colfax Ave.

Best Chef
Enrique Socarras
Bettola Bistro
10253 E Iliff Ave. Aurora

Best French Fries
Five Guys
Multiple locations

Best Japanese
Fontana Sushi
19741 E. Smoky Hill Road.

Best Wings
Golden Flame
18757 E Hampden Ave

Best Gyros
13698 E iliff Ave

Best Ribs
Hog Heaven
10797 E Mississippi Ave
Aurora 80012

Best Juice / Smoothies
Jamba Juice
14151 E. Cedar Ave.

Best Barbecue
Jim and Nicks
24153 E. Prospect Ave

Best Rotisserie Chicken
Juan’s Super Pollo
1593 Peoria St.

Best Ramen
Katsu Ramen
1930 S. Havana St.

Best Noodle House
Katsu Ramen
1930 S. Havana St.

Best Place to Eat Alone
Katsu Ramen
1930 S. Havana St.

Best Vietnamese
Kim Ba Vietnamese Cuisine
12201 E. Mississippi Ave.

Best Boba
Kim Ba Vietnamese Cuisine
12201 E. Mississippi Ave.

Best ColoMex
La Cueva
9742 E. Colfax

Best Tamales
La Cueva
9742 E. Colfax

Best Mexican Bakery
La Luna
4132 S. Parker Rd.

Best Torta
Las Tortugas
712  Peoria ave.

Best Veggieburger
Lazy Dog
24110 S. State Ave.

Best Coffee
13690 E. Iliff Ave.

Best Tacos
Los Carboncitos
15210 E. 6th Ave.

Best South American Food
Maria Empanada
1298 S. Broadway

Best Vegetarian / Vegan
Masalaa Restaurant
3140 S Parker Rd #7,
Aurora, CO 80014

Best Russian
Masha and the Bear
12101 E. Iliff Ave.

Best Dim Sum
Mason’s Dumpling Shot
9655 E. Montview Blvd.

Best Restaurant for Takeout
24107 E. Commons Ave.

Best Paleteria
Neveria Las Mariposas
9509 E. Colfax Ave.

Best Ethiopian
Nile Ethiopian
1951 S. Havanna St.

Best Italian
11877 E. Arapahoe Rd.

Best Jewish
NY Bagel Deli
7105 E. Hampton Ave.

Best Caterer
Panera Bread
13100 E. Colfax Ave.

Best Papusas
Papusas Paradise
15462 E. Hampden Ave.

Best Chinese
Paradise Cafe
6180 S. Gun Club Rd. 11

Best Thai
Pearl of Siam
18660 E. Hampden Ave.

Best Pho
Pho 75
13736 E. Qunicy Ave.

Best Chicken Fingers
Raising Cane’s
14241E. Alameda Ave.

Best Real Mexican
Real De Minas
11101 E. Colfax Ave.

Best Deli
Rosenberg’s at Stanley
2501 Dallas St

Best Bagels
Rosenberg’s Bagels
2501 Dallas St

Best Wait Staff
Rosie’s Diner
14061 E. Iliff Ave

Best Milkshake
Rosie’s Diner
14061 E. Iliff Ave

Best Green Chili
Sams No 3
2580 S Havanna st.

Best Mexican Breakfast
Sams No 3
2580 S Havanna st.

Best Diner
Sams No 3
2580 S Havanna st.

Best Breakfast Burrito
10400 E 6th ave

Best Guacamole
Senor Ric’s
13200 E. Mississippi ave

Best Korean
Seoul Barbecue
2080 S. Havana st

Best Korean BBQ
Seoul BBQ
2080 S. Havana st

Best Frozen Yogurt
1930 S. Havannast #5-6

Best Indian
Star of India
3102 S. Parker rd.

Best Sushi
Sushi Den
1487 S. Pearl st

Best Ice Cream
Sweet Cow
2501 N. Stanley Market

Best Cheesesteak
Taste of Philly
18121-b E. Hampden Ave.

Best Banh Mi
Taste of Saigon
14200 E. Alemenda ave

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant
Texas Roadhouse
14200 e Iliff Ave.

Best Greek
The Athenian
15350 E. Iliff ave.

Best Donuts
The Donut House
360 S. Chambers Rd

Best Seafood
The Juicy
2727 S. Parker Rd

Best Cajun Soul
The Lost Cajun
6105 S. Main St Unit F

Best Outdoor Dining
The Rock
22934 E. Smoky Hill Rd

Best Nachos
The Rock
22934 E. Smoky Hill Rd

Best Menudo
Victorias Mexican Resturant
1650 Tower Rd

Best Waffles
Waffle House
12880 E. Mississippi ave.

Best Poke
Wanna Poke
16748 E. Smoky hill rd

Best Food Truck
What Would Cheesus Do

Best Romantic Night
Wine Experience
6240 South Main st. L114

Best Queso
9612 E Arapahoe Rd.

Best Desserts
Yum Yum Cake & Pastries
2680 S.Havanna st.


Best Croissant
Daniels of Paris
12253 E. Iliff ave.

Best Carniceria
El Rancho
15401 E Mississippi ave.

Best Vegan Store
848 illinois ave. ste 104

Best European Market
14197 E Exposition Ave.

Best Asian Market
H Mart
2751 S Parker rd

Best Big Grocery Store
King Soopers
Various Locations

Best Health Food Store
Natural Grocers
3440 S Tower rd.

Best Seafood Store
Ocean Pacific
12303 E. Mississippi Ave.

Best Place to Buy Spices
Savory Spice Shop
6235 S. Main St. #107


Best Gym for Starters
Crossfit Crush
4530 S Reservoir Road Ste F

Best Crossfit
Crossfit Crush
4530 S Reservoir Road Ste F

Best Cooking
Party Schools
Aurora Rec Center
15151 E Alameda Pkwy


Best Dermatologist
Anne Hansen
Advanced Dermatology
1390 S. Potomac st124

Best Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy in
Target on Quincy
16910 E Qunincy Ave.

Best Orthodontist
Advanced Orthodontics
6020 S. Gun Club rd E-1

Best Hospital
Children’s Hospital Colorado
12123 E 16th Ave.

Best Assisted Living Center
Garden Plaza at Aurora
14221 e Evans Ave

Best Dentist
Ginther Family Dentistry
6240 S.Main st. #200

Best Eye Doctor
24200 E. Smoky Hill

Best Urgent Care
On Point Urgent Care on Smoky Hill Road
24300 E Smokey Hill Rd.

Best General Practitioner
Stephanie Stevens
5657 S Himalya St #100


Best Margarita
Casa Vallarta
4002 S. Parker rd.

Best Liquor Store
Chambers Discount
Wine & Liquors
15260 E. Iliff ave

Best Colorado Craft Beer
Launchpad Brewery
884 S. Buckley rd

Best Happy Hour
Lazy Dog
24110 E. State ave

Best Sports Bar
Legends of Aurora
13690 E Iliff ave.

Best Bar with Live Music
The Stampede
2430 S. Havanna st.


Best Garden Store / Nursery
Nick’s Garden Center
2001 S Chambers Rd


Best Hair Stylist
Deb Fairbanks
Celebrity Styles Salon
6155 S Main Street Studio 36

Best Tattoo Artist
Larry Foussat
Havana Street

Best Hair Salon
Sola Salon Studios
13923 E. Exposition ave.


Best Dog Run / Dog Park
Cherry Creek State Park
4201 S. Parker Rd

Best Pet Supply Store
Chuck and Don’s
6380 S. Parker rd. ste 107

Best Kennel / Boarding
Dugan’s Dog House
6830 S. Liverpool St.

Best Pet-Friendly Bar
Lazy Dog Restaurant
24110 E State Ave

Best Pet Groomer
Pretty Paws Pet Grooming
15300 E Smoky Hill rd

Best Veterinarian / Vet Clinic – Cats
Tallgrass Animal Hospital
21699 E. Qunicy Ave #j

Best Veterinarian / Vet Clinic – Dogs
Tallgrass Animal Hospital
21699 E Qunicy Ave unit J Auora 80015


Best Local TV Station
Channel 31

Best Local TV Anchor
Mark Koebrich

Best Local TV Weather Forecaster
Mike Nelson

Best Local Radio Personality
Rick Crandall


Best Fishing Hole
Aurora Reservoir
5800 S Powhaton rd

Best Shooting Range
Family Shooting Center and
Cherry Creek State Park
4201 S. Parker rd

Best Golf Course
Murphy Creek
1700 S Old Tom Morris Rd

Best Local Hiking Trail
Quincy Reservoir


Best Electrician
Amp Electric

Best Credit Union
14302 E. Cedar Ave. Unit D

Best Painting Company
Certa Pro
3164 Wheeling Way #103

Best Retirement / Independent Living Facility
Cherry Creek Retirement
14555 E. Hampden Ave.

Best Auto Service / Repair
Christian Brothers
14755 E Arapahoe rd

Best Heating & Air Conditioning Company
Colorado Discount

Best Car Wash
Dutch Car Wash
4301 S Parker Rd

Best Lawyer / Law Firm Criminal and DUI
Eduardo Ferszt
1010 S. Jolilet st #21

Best Roofing Company
Ethos Roofing

Best Mortgage Company
2300 S Havana St

Best Bank
2300 S Havana St

Best Moving Company
GrassRoots Moving
50 S, Havanna St

Best Place to Get An Oil Change
Grease Monkey
1790 S Buckley

Best Mortuary Services
Horan & McConaty
1091 S Colorado Blvd

Best Home Improvement Contractor
JR Remodeling Ltd.

Best Insurance Company
Meghan Bowen State Farm
3131 S Vaughn Way

Best Dry Cleaner
Parker Cleaners
3108 S Parker rd

Best Florist
Blossom Flowery Delivery
(877) 414-7903

Best Plumbing Services
Pipe It Up
18121 E. Hampden Ave

Best Day Care Center
Primrose School of Tallgrass
21537 E Qunincy Ave


Best Used Bookstore
2nd & Charles
6606 S Parker rd

Best Hardware Store
Ace Hardware
at Buckley & Iliff
17190 E Iliff Ave

Best Furniture Store
American Furniture
1700 S Abilene st

Best Used Donation Store
ARC Parker Road
3106 S Parker rd C-1

Best Tire Store
Discount Tire, Iliff & Buckley
16710 E  iliff Ave

Best Ski Shop
Epic Mountain Gear
2650 S. Havana St.

Best Jewelry Store
235 S Abilene st

Best Children’s Clothing Store
Just Between Friends
25690 E Quincy rd

Best Men’s Clothing Store
K&G Fashion Superstore
13940 E Mississippi

Best Women’s Clothing Store
Mainstream Boutique
6224 Progress Ln

Best Craft Store
pl. 80 Abliene st

Best Auto Dealer (New)
Stevinson Toyota
4440s. Havanna st

Best Bookstore
Tattered Cover
2501 dallas st ste 144

Best Auto Dealer (Used)
Tynans Pre-owned
2150 S Havnna st


Best Local Cinema
AMC Dine-in Southlands
23955 E Plaza ave

Best Local Theater Company
Aurora Fox
9900 E Colfax ave

Best Art Gallery
Downtown Aurora Visual Arts
1405 Florence st

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