The Red Cross has set up a shelter for people who live close to the booby-trapped apartment of suspected theater shooter James Holmes.

The shelter is at Aurora Central High school, 11700 E. 11th Ave.

Melina Epp, a volunteer at the shelter, said Red Cross officials aren’t sure how many people will utilize the shelter, but they are expecting a very large portion of the residents of all five evacuated buildings to take advantage of it.

Police said residents of the building Holmes lived in at 1690 Paris St. will not be allowed to go into the building to get emergency items.

People who live at the other four buildings — 11948 E. 17th Ave., 1686 Paris St., 1685 Paris St. and 1678 Paris St. — will be allowed to return to their homes with a police escort to get emergency items. Residents will be required to show identification and no children will be permitted to enter the buildings, police said.

Police are asking residents to meet at 7 p.m. at Paris Elementary, 1635 Paris St.

It’s not clear how long until the residents are allowed to return home.

Aurora police Chief Dan Oates said during an afternoon news conference that Homes’ apartment is booby-trapped with incendiary and chemical devices, but investigators aren’t sure exactly what the devices are capable of.

As for the shelter at Central, Epp said officials are prepared to be there for days.

“As long as needed,” Epp said. “Obviously we hope the people get back in quickly, but we will be here for days if need be.”