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DENVER | Sen. Kamala Harris brought her presidential pitch to Denver’s Manual High School Friday, taking shots at President Trump instead of fellow primary Democratic contenders.

“(Trump) lies to the American public and thinks we don’t notice,” Harris said during the 30-minute rally. “He betrayed people and they know.”

Several thousand people crowded into the school’s gym Aug. to hear Harris. 

“I thought her speech was phenomenal,” said Rory Moore, making it clear that Harris is his top choice for the Democratic primary. “Her efforts reaching out to minorities, and being a woman of color herself, we need that change so badly. It’s just been typical white, heterosexual men in office. We’ve got to change that.”

After the second Democratic debates earlier in the week on CNN, Harris is polling at 10 percent, according to Democratic Party officials. At this point, she will continue on in televised debates. She’s set her candidacy apart from the others for her pointed criticism of frontrunner former Vice President Joe Biden. She’s fiercely criticized Biden for his past stance on school integration as well as what she says has been poor support of women’s issues.

The California senator touched on recognizable talking points like climate change, tax cuts for the middle class and gun control. 

“The next chapter will be about the America we believe in,” she said. 

Harris promised to radically overhaul the country’s current climate policy by re-entering the Paris Agreement and creating a carbon-neutral nation by 2030. Climate change has been a hallmark of Harris’ platform, a problem she called an “existential threat to who we are as a species.”

She also said she would give Congress 100 days to pass sweeping gun control or she would take executive action.

Harris took numerous shots at Trump, rather than focusing on her Democrat challengers like she has previously on the campaign trail. She slammed the President for his trade wars, immigrant family separation policy and his “fragile ego.”

She said she would work to turn around the division Trump has created in Washington and across the country. 

“The vast majority of us have so much more in common than what operates us. Let’s hold on to that as we turn the page and write the next chapter,” Harris said. “Let’s know that truth in our hearts and our souls.”