Sean Crumpler

AURORA | A man accused of sex trafficking and assaulting multiple teens at a swank Aurora home — where investigators say he forced teens to have sex in exchange for gifts, shelter and food ­— pleaded guilty Monday and faces 50 years in prison.

Sean Crumpler, 50, pleaded guilty to three felony charges, including human trafficking.

In a video posted to Twitter following the guilty plea, Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler said prosecutors wanted and received a “de facto life sentence” for Crumpler.

At sentencing in May, Crumpler will face 50 years, Brauchler said.

At a lengthy hearing last year, Judge John Scipione said there was ample evidence for Crumpler to stand trial on multiple felonies, including sex trafficking and unlawful sexual contact charges related to three different boys who were 16 at the time.

Crumpler was originally arrested in 2015 but soon after released on bond. He was behind bars again since January of this year after being arrested for violating his bond.

Scipione said the boys were among the 10 to 15 youth and young men between the ages of 16 and 21 who lived at Crumpler’s home — including teenage runaways from California — and who were allowed to stay only if they “capitulated” to Crumpler’s sexual whims.

“Mr. Crumpler essentially provided a haven — though not a safe one — for at-risk runaways,” Scipione said at the end of the three-hour hearing that included graphic testimony about the sex acts at the home.

With no place to go, the teens were essentially forced to endure degrading sexual acts, Scipione said.

“Or else be out on the street,” he said. “The rules were ‘Service my sexual needs or get out of here.’”

Crumpler, who is a registered sex offender, was arrested in August 2015 after police said one of the teen’s grandmothers contacted police and told them she believed her 16-year-old grandson was being exploited.