AURORA | Interim Aurora City Manager Jason Batchelor has been tentatively chosen to lead the organization of the City of Aurora as the city’s top administrator.

The announcement comes about five months after the retirement of former City Manager Jim Twombly.

Interim Aurora City Manager Jason Batchelor

Batchelor was named as the only finalist for the job in a city news release shared Tuesday. Mayor Mike Coffman said at the start of Monday’s Aurora City Council meeting that the group interviewed Batchelor for the job during an executive session that preceded the meeting.

“Council members have expressed their confidence in Batchelor’s leadership, experience and successful performance in his many responsibilities during his tenure at the city,” the city’s news release said.

“They cited his proven management and guidance for the organization — especially during his two stints as the interim city manager — as some of the reasons for his selection as the finalist.”

The announcement also comes after the failure of a campaign to ask Aurora voters to consolidate the mayor’s job and that of the city manager into a single “strong-mayor” position.

Aurora’s city manager is responsible for implementing the policies introduced by the City Council and also oversees the hiring and firing of most city employees, recommends a budget prepared by staffers and oversees day-to-day city operations.

The release shared by the city says Aurora’s budget includes $1.3 billion across all funds, and the city retains more than 3,400 employees.

Batchelor began his career with the city more than 15 years ago, working his way up from a budget officer to serve as the city’s finance director and later as a deputy city manager. When Twombly retired in April, the Aurora City Council appointed Batchelor to serve as interim city manager.

The city said in its release that Batchelor has overseen major projects for the city and overseen departments whose focuses include planning and development, development assistance, information technology, and public safety.

A majority of Aurora CIty Council members will have to vote to appoint Batchelor to the permanent position, which the release said will happen at an “upcoming” regular meeting.

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