AURORA | Prosecutors will have access to some of James Holmes’ records from the University of Colorado, including his application, communications with professors and campus police reports, a judge has ruled.

In an order handed down Tuesday and unsealed today, Judge William B. Sylvester said many of the documents could shed light on Holmes’ mindset before the July 20 shootings at the Century Aurora 16 theater, and should therefore be available to prosecutors.

The documents include Holmes’ application to CU’s neuroscience program, documents related to his withdrawal in June, and the campus police “intelligence file.”

Anything that includes information from Holmes’ psychiatrist will remain sealed, Sylvester said.

Holmes’ defense team had argued the documents from CU were protected and called prosecutors’s attempts to get them a “fishing expedition.”

Prosecutors, however, argued that the documents could show Holmes was unhappy with his life at the time of the shootings and that his unhappiness may have led to him opening fire at the theater, killing 12 and wounding 58.

Sylvester unsealed the bulk of what prosecutors had sought, but sided with the defense in the case of Holmes’ class schedule. In that instance, Sylvester said prosecutors didn’t prove the documents were necessary to their investigation.

The judge also said voicemails Holmes may have left with someone at the school will remain sealed.

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