Hundreds of Palestinians raise their hands in support of speakers during public comment, speaking out against a revolution drafted by certain members of the city council, Oct. 23 during a council meeting. Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

AURORA | At a meeting marked by passionate outbursts from a crowd of hundreds as well as friction among city lawmakers, a majority of Aurora’s City Council passed a resolution Monday condemning Hamas’ recent attack on Israel.

Repeatedly, Mayor Mike Coffman used his gavel to try to drown out the raucous crowd that filled the council chambers to capacity. During one particularly heated exchange with other council members, the mayor pounded his gavel to interrupt progressive Councilmember Juan Marcano as Marcano was criticizing the resolution after being recognized to speak.

“You can’t do that,” Marcano said.

“I just did,” Coffman shot back.

The resolution sponsored by conservative Councilmember Francoise Bergan denounced the invasion of Israel that Hamas launched from the Gaza Strip on Oct. 7. According to the Israeli government, more than 1,400 Israelis died in the surprise attack, and more than 200 civilians were taken hostage.

Councilmember Danielle Jurinsky rushed to the overflow area of the city council chambers to break up a brief moment of tension between supporters of Israel and supporters of Palestine during an Oct. 23 council meeting. Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

Bergan’s resolution was silent, however, on the Palestinian death toll that has climbed into the thousands since Israel launched a bombing campaign targeting Gaza in response to Hamas’ attack. As of Monday, Gaza’s Health Ministry reported that 5,087 people, including 2,055 children, have died in Israeli airstrikes since the latest conflict began, according to Associated Press reports.

Progressive council members proposed amendments to Bergan’s resolution during a study session last week that would have inserted references to violence and discrimination directed toward Muslims and Palestinian civilians. Their amendments were rejected.

On Monday — after listening to more than three hours of remarks from members of the public, most of whom accused the majority of council members of ignoring the grief of Aurora’s Palestinian community — progressives sharply criticized and conservatives defended the resolution condemning Hamas and expressing the city’s support for Israel.

“If you read the resolution, it has nothing negative about any Palestinian people,” Bergan said. “It was drafted after the Oct. 7 barbaric terrorist attack by Hamas, a terrorist organization. It was not about Muslim people, and it was not about Palestinian people. It was about a terrorist organization.”

She amended her resolution following public comment to include the statement that “the city recognizes and mourns the loss of all innocent lives caught in the fighting between the (Israeli Defense Forces) and Hamas,” an addition that the crowd heckled.

Councilmember Danielle Jurinsky rushed to the overflow area of the city council chambers to break up a brief moment of tension between supporters of Israel and supporters of Palestine during an Oct. 23 council meeting. Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

Councilmember Danielle Jurinsky, who is the group’s only Jewish member, acknowledged that both Muslim and Jewish attendees knew people in the region of Gaza and Israel who have been killed or otherwise trapped in the middle of the current conflict.

“I heard a woman speak about terrors she has had as a Muslim since Oct. 7. I share that feeling as a Jew,” Jurinsky said. “The thought has literally crossed my mind as to who would hide my son should a targeted attack against the Jews happen here like what happened in Israel.”

She was heckled by the crowd after she called Hamas’ attack on Israel “barbaric.” When one man in the crowd questioned whether people would vote for her in 2025, Jurinsky replied that “if I can’t win an election being myself, I don’t want to win it at all,” and was applauded by attendees who had spoken in favor of Israel and the resolution.

Jurinsky engaged in a lengthy back-and-forth with hecklers who had expressed sympathy for Palestine toward the end of her remarks, saying she understood that “in our religions, and in our cultures, maybe some of us grew up with blinders on,” at which point the crowd erupted in yelling and boos.

Jurinsky continued speaking as the crowd yelled at her for over a minute while the mayor tried to restore order.

A supporter of Palestine holds a makeshift flag during an Oct. 23 council meeting where hundreds filled the council chambers to voice their opinions about resolutions drafted by council members regarding the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

Marcano tried to bring forward an alternative resolution that would have acknowledged prejudice and violence against Jews as well as Palestinians and expressed the city’s support for both populations, but the conservative majority voted to keep the resolution off Monday’s agenda.

After public comment, Marcano apologized to the crowd from the dais and said the council would have been better off voting on his resolution, since it was “the inclusive one that was developed with the input of directly-impacted community members.”

“The actions of an unrepresentative majority on this council have divided our city when they should be bringing us closer together, especially now,” Marcano said.

“The matters in this resolution are about as far from municipal politics as you can get, yet some folks decided to play politics with human suffering and tragedy, and bring this forward anyway, knowing this was going to divide our community. All of you deserve way better than this.”

Marcano is running to unseat Coffman as mayor this fall. Marcano proposed tabling Bergan’s resolution indefinitely. That proposal failed 5-6, with Coffman, Alison Coombs, Marcano, Ruben Medina and Crystal Murillo in favor.

The council ultimately approved Bergan’s resolution amended to reference “all innocent lives caught in the fighting” by a vote of 6-4, with Coombs, Marcano, Medina and Murillo opposed.

Khalid Mhareb, a Palestinian American and Aurora resident speaks Oct. 23 during public comment at a city council meeting. Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

Aurorans’ anger, grief over Gaza conflict boils over at council meeting

Supporters of Israel and Palestine spent hours addressing the council Monday night, explaining how the conflict in Gaza had touched their lives.

Most of the speakers railed against Israel’s bombing of civilian targets in Gaza as well as the historical mistreatment of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Many wore Palestinian keffiyeh scarves and traditional Muslim clothing.

“I hope you feel our collective sorrow and anger, and sear it into your minds forever,” said Khalid Mhareb, a Palestinian-American resident of Aurora. “This resolution without a mention of Palestine will only contribute to the genocide of Palestinians, lead to a rise in Islamophobia and antisemitism alike, and alienate the Palestinian community who resides here in Aurora.”

He described how anti-Muslim hate crimes spawned by the Oct. 7 attack — such as the fatal stabbing of 6-year-old Wadea Al Fayoume in the Chicago area, according to police — have struck fear into the Palestinian community in Aurora and the U.S.

“In the past week, I’ve had to look at my innocent 8-year-old brother and watch his smile disappear from his face as I told him it’s best he doesn’t wear his favorite hat, just because it has the Palestinian flag on it, for fear that he, too, might become a victim,” Mhareb said.

“These are real conversations that Palestinian-Americans are having with their children today, continuing a cycle of generational trauma that is caused by rhetoric, or actually the lack of rhetoric, from council members like you.”

One Moroccan-American business owner in Aurora, Mohamed Mouaddine, said he doubted the council’s resolution would accomplish anything besides fueling conflict in the community.

He argued that people concerned about the conflict should focus their efforts on figuring out ways of reconciling young Israelis and Palestinians.

“How can we create social justice? Because when you have social injustice, you create more terrorists. You’re just feeding the beast. You’re not bringing peace. You’re not helping either the Jews or the Muslims,” Mouaddine said.

State Rep. Iman Jodeh, D-Aurora addresses city lawmakers, asking them to consider a second resolution, addressing the Israeli attack on Gaza, killing thousands of civilians.

“My lawyer is a Jew. My business coach is a Jew. My friends are Jews. I don’t have a problem with Jewish people. I have a problem with people who actually exercise apartheid over people who are hopeless.”

Some also related the struggle to get political leaders to acknowledge potential war crimes happening in Gaza to local advocacy on behalf of young people of color.

“If you adopt this resolution, the message that you are sending to your constituents — fair, and clear, and loud — is that, once again, the lives of Black and brown children do not matter,” speaker Arsalan Rizvi said.

When one woman said that those present would remember how council members voted on Bergan’s resolution when it came time for them to seek re-election, most of the audience members raised their hands to signal their agreement.

Bergan is up for re-election this fall, as are Coffman and council members Coombs, Curtis Gardner and Angela Lawson.

Supporters of Israel and Palestine mingled in the council chambers throughout the night, sometimes conversing and arguing about the Gaza conflict. While generally civil, the meeting was briefly paused when a physical altercation broke out between Palestinian advocates and a man wearing an Israeli flag. Members of the crowd joined by Jurinsky eventually separated the two groups.

Belal, his first name, shows numerous posters to city lawmakers in protest of a city council resolution condemning the Oct. 7 Hamas attack but being silent the deaths of thousands of Palestinians killed in an Israeli attack on Gaza.

A security officer outside of the council chambers warned that bags would not be allowed in the meeting due to safety concerns. Several police vehicles were also parked around the Great Lawn outside of city hall with their red-and-blue lights activated by the conclusion of the public comment period.

Interim police chief Art Acevedo said the vehicles were staged outside of the meeting to make attendees feel safe and to discourage people from leaving the meeting to brawl. He clarified at the end of the night that no arrests had been made.

Many Jews also spoke Monday about how supporting Israel and condemning the violence perpetrated by Hamas were not equivalent to prejudice against Palestinians.

David Ferszt, who wore a “Jewish Lives Matter” shirt to Monday’s meeting, said he believed the council should vote on a resolution that acknowledged the suffering of innocent Palestinians as well as Israelis. He also spoke about the significance of Israel to Jews who fled the genocidal violence of Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.

“No countries wanted all of these poor refugees who were kicked out,” he said. “There’s one Jewish state. One. There are 49 majority-Muslim countries. I’m not saying that means Israel should be jerks to the Palestinians. I’m not saying any of that. But you have to at least understand where we’re at. We have nowhere else to go.”

Scott Levin of the Colorado Anti-Defamation League speaks in favor of the city council’s resolution.

Evelinda Urman described her experience of immigrating to the United States and said that, while she was considered white in South America and non-white in the U.S., her Jewish identity has always shaped how people see her.

“Wherever I go, I am a Jew,” she said, “Jews are an ethnoreligious peoplehood that are almost zero percent of the worldwide population. We need your help to survive and have Israel survive.”

During the remarks by Scott Levin — the Anti-Defamation League’s regional director for the area including Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming — some in the crowd held up an Israeli flag and posters featuring pictures of kidnapped Israeli children.

“There is no one who’s come up with an answer of how to be able to get back those hostages, how to ensure that the death, the destruction, the barbaric activities don’t happen again. So on behalf of my community, I’d just say that, while we feel that pain, we also appreciate being recognized,” Levin said.

“Yes, the Palestinian community will also need to be recognized in its way. But this resolution directly is predicated on the actions of Hamas. As is it hard, I’m sure, for my Palestinian friends to hear the words that I speak, it’s hard for me to hear what feels like a justification, and I think we all should know that evil has no justification, and that the actions of Hamas were evil.”

After Levin spoke, apparently unaware that his microphone was still switched on, Coffman turned to Bergan and commented, “What a horrible waste of time this is, this resolution. We are not the Congress of the United States.”

Following the council’s vote in favor of Bergan’s resolution, most of the crowd left, chanting “shame on you” and “vote them out” in apparent reference to council members who supported the resolution.

Councilmember Francoise Bergan presses for her resolution during a Oct. 23. 2023 City Council meeting

Meeting followed tense study session where amendments were rejected

Aurora City Council’s debate Monday came a week after the group clashed over Bergan’s resolution in a study session.

Attempts by progressives to introduce denunciations of Islamophobia and violence against Palestinian civilians were met with incredulity from some conservatives, who characterized them as inappropriate and detracting from the gravity of Hamas’ attack on Israel.

“What happened to the people of Israel is the worst attack against Jews since the Holocaust,” Jurinsky said last week. “This is a moment for the Jewish people and the state of Israel, and anything you want to amend to this, I pray that my common-sense colleagues will not allow it to happen. This moment right now is for the Jewish people.”

Palestinian militants led by Hamas launched a surprise attack against Israel from the Gaza Strip on Oct. 7, firing thousands of rockets toward the country and assaulting numerous civilian targets, including a music festival near Re’im where at least 260 concertgoers were massacred and others taken hostage.

City Councilmember Danielle Jurinsky talks over hecklers during the Oct. 23, 2023 City Council meeting.

The Israeli military repelled the Hamas invasion and responded by launching airstrikes against Gaza. Targets of Israeli airstrikes have included residential buildings and other civilian targets, which the Israeli military has claimed were harboring elements of Hamas. Israel has also imposed a “total blockade” on food, water, electricity and fuel to the strip.

A commission of the United Nations Human Rights Council announced Oct. 10 that there is “clear evidence that war crimes may have been committed” in the region. In its announcement, the commission specifically expressed concern about the killing of Israeli civilians by Hamas and the group’s alleged use of hostages as human shields.

The commission also said it was “gravely concerned” with Israel’s response to the attack, including the blockade imposed on Gaza, which the group said would “undoubtfully cost civilian lives and constitutes collective punishment.”

Bergan said last week that the resolution focused specifically on the harm done to Israel because that country had been attacked and its citizens “have a right to defend themselves.”

“Hamas has violated all laws of war. I mean, what they have done is atrocious. And if that would have happened to the United States, I don’t think we would say that we were committing war crimes by defending ourselves,” she said.

Bergan rejected a suggestion by Coombs to include a condemnation of “war crimes,” which Coombs pointed out both Israel and Hamas are being scrutinized for, as well as “apartheid,” referring to Israel’s treatment of the inhabitants of Gaza and the West Bank.

Jurinsky accused Coombs of being antisemitic in a social media post earlier in the day when Coombs expressed support for the Working Families Party’s call for a military ceasefire in the region.

City Councilmember Juan Marcano apologizes to the audience for what he says is poor representation of Aurora’s diverse community.

After Medina suggested the statement in the resolution that “the City of Aurora expresses its support for the people of Israel in their pursuit of peace, security, and prosperity” be modified to also reference the people of Palestine, Jurinsky objected, pointing out that Palestinians elected Hamas to lead Gaza in 2006.

She also described Hamas’ charter as calling for the “complete genocide” of Jews. Hamas’ original 1988 charter includes numerous expressions of hostility toward Jewish people, including a quote from an Islamic hadith:

“The Day of Judgment will not come until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say, ‘O Muslim, O servant of God, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’ Only the Gharkad tree would not do that, because it is one of the trees of the Jews.”

The group’s updated 2017 charter states that the group does not necessarily oppose Jewish people nor their faith. However, it also explicitly rejects the legitimacy of the Israeli state and endorses “armed resistance” as a way of achieving the group’s goals.

“It’s very sad any innocent casualties that can come from this situation, especially the children in Palestine. But it is no secret, and it’s very public that it is the people of Palestine who elected Hamas to govern them,” Jurinsky said.

Councilmember Juan Marcano proposed that the resolution also condemn Islamophobia and violence against Palestinians, which Jurinsky also spoke against, saying “Israel has a right to protect her people, period.”

“I’m sure Crystal Murillo is next with some sort of amendment, and you guys can play this game all you want, and you can detract, and detract, and detract from what really happened, but let me tell you what really happened: Jewish babies were beheaded,” she said.

Israeli journalists have alleged that babies were beheaded by Palestinian militants in their assault on Israel. Israeli officials and U.S. President Joe Biden initially corroborated this but have since distanced themselves from the claim, which remains unconfirmed.

Mayor Mike Coffman repeatedly gaveled out members of the audience and fellow council members during a raucous city council meeting Oct. 23. 2023.

“Alison Coombs, think about that. Think about your son being beheaded,” Jurinsky added, raising her voice at the council member. “Would you care who did it? Would you care who did it? Would it matter what religion they were, what race they were? Would it matter? Do not try to turn this around into some kind of Islamophobia. You don’t get to have that moment. This moment right here is for the Jewish people and the state of Israel.”

Coombs brought up how 6-year-old Wadea Al Fayoume was stabbed to death and his mother attacked in the Chicago area in what police are now investigating as an anti-Muslim hate crime.

“Hamas did engage in a terrorist attack, and just as we saw after 9/11, people in our country are engaged in Islamophobia on that basis, and so I do think there’s a valid concern there that we should be thinking about,” Coombs said.

Coffman said he also has concerns about Islamophobia and raised the idea of a separate resolution dealing with anti-Muslim hatred but said he thought Bergan’s proposal did not need to encompass that.

Murillo also suggested adding a reference to Palestine in parts of the resolution expressing the city’s recognition of the “historical and cultural significance of Israel and its importance to the global community” and encouraging “dialogue, understanding, and cooperation between the city and organizations representing the Israeli community.”

Conservatives rejected the proposed amendments by Murillo and the other progressive council members. No council members opposed the resolution moving forward from the study session last week.

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  1. I thought I heard the Mayor, Mike Coffman, say
    “What a horrible waste of time this is. . this
    resolution. We are not the Congress of the United States.” WOW – you would think after four years,
    Coffman would know when his mic was on!

    1. He’s right. There is absolutely nothing Aurora/a city government (our city government) can or should be expected to do about this or any national item or foreign policy. That area of the world is in conflict… long, many years, decades, centuries and millenia. Aurora is not. Palestinians and Israelis living here are no longer living there; there are no religious turf wars here. If immigrants from there want conflict (like this reported council meeting), you’re welcome here, but the conflict isn’t; if you crave the conflict, go back.

    1. this war needs to end now.
      The internation community should put a multinational army on the ground between the two countries and make them stop!!!
      The innocents are the ones being killed for absolutely NO GOOD REASON AND on both sides!

  2. The tail should not wag the dog. This is what you get when you become a Sanctuary City filled with diversity. Chaos. That’s what the socialists want and work for. I suppose Marcano and Coombs, with help from the Democratic Socialist Party put this demonstration together. VOTE MARCANO AND COOMBS OUT OF OFFICE. THE TIME IS NOW.

    1. Such a sad, hateful world view.
      You’ve always had a conservative council. Now you have a MAGA one, and you’re still fixated on the “socialists” while the city continues to decline. And now you’re nakedly fixating on immigrants as the problem.
      I hope you lose, and lose badly. And I hope you leave the city and never return after. You are a pox on Aurora.

      1. Well, Bingo, like many who don’t appreciate my comments, you use words that I don’t understand, making it hard for me to be enlightened by your hatred. “Pox” and “nakedly fixating”?? Immigrants are not even a minor problem of Aurora. Thieves, homeless drug addicts, socialist thinking citizens, APD haters and hateful left wing activists who use this Sentinel Blog are the major problems with Aurora.

    2. Our ballots came and we hurriedly, anxiously opened them, filled them out and deposited them. Couldn’t contain the enthusiasm to vote for a new council member (actually she is not new) for Ward V and apply my darkest black marker to not extend her time on the council to at-large status. Lived here 38 years… absolute worst Ward V representation ever. And hopefully our black marks make a tiny portion of a large stack of ballots keeping Marcano out of the mayor’s office.

  3. I do not understand why this is being discussed on a city level. As a city we do not sanction federal funding in support. Please explain why the city council was addressing this issue at all. — — We live in America. We are a melting pot of culture. Our acceptance of other cultures and religions are what makes America great!! Hate crimes of any kind should not be tolerated. We as Americans should fight racial injustice both here and abroad. There are rules to war and if Hamas wanted to engage in a war, they should have done so within the sanctions of war, NOT as a terrorism attack. Anyone that has chosen to make America their home for whatever reason, should leave their cultural hate at the door, because here in America you can live in harmony nextdoor to your birthland’s enemy.

    1. It should never have been brought up to begin with. Bergan was way out of her lane even thinking a conflict halfway around the world had anything to do with city business.

      1. You’re that naive to think what happens halfway (literally less than halfway) around the world won’t affect businesses on a local level? You need to look at Israel’s exports. As well as indirect wars by our enemies that attack us.

        1. LOL, it really won’t. If you have the numbers to show that it will affect Aurora’s functioning as a city, prove it. I literally could not care less about Israel and Hamas fighting yet again, nor do I care as to who in Aurora it bothers. That specious reasoning is exactly why your side lost this last election.

    2. I agree. I think the outspoken conservatives are just looking to stir the pot-and?-they have. but ” here in America you can live in harmony nextdoor to your birthland’s enemy.” Can’t agree with that. Too much bigotry in this country for that. Many of us do! and ‘pray’ that others will too….but it’s questionable.

  4. A founder of Democratic Socialists of America just quit the party over its refusal to call Hamas out. Maurice Isserman wrote a piece for The Nation, “Why I Just Quit DSA” in which he states:

    “I left to protest the DSA leadership’s politically and morally bankrupt response to the horrific Hamas October 7 anti-Jewish pogrom that took the lives of 1,400 people, mostly civilians, and saw over 200 hostages carried off to Gaza, both groups of victims including children and infants.”

    CMs Coombs and Marcano, its time for you to take a stand and join Mr. Isserman in denouncing Hamas and DSA BOTH.

  5. Up until last night I was really in between as to who were the violent and oppressive ones in this war. Due to Fallowing both news sources from the Israeli side and the Palestinian side I was very confused because each one blamed the other for being animals. HOWEVER… after witnessing a pro Israel demonstrator being brutally beaten by a pro palestine demonstrator at a rally I was still hesitant to believe it or not. All of my doubt’s disappeared after last night. What I witnessed first hand as they spewed horrendous anti Jewish gestures such as (hail Hitler) and such. Most of the night were pro Palestine speeches and a small fraction were speaking on in favor of Israel. When Palestinians spoke, the pro Israel community was mostly silent. When the Israel representatives spoke I was shocked to see and hear the supporters of Palestine obnoxiously shoving Israelis out of their way, booing, yelling and coughing purposely as to not let the Jew be heard when it was their turn. Mind you they only had the stage for a small fraction of the evening. This, to me, was a perfect demonstration of who really are the violent and hateful ones in this war. I’m not saying Jews are angels. They have their negatives but violence and aggression is not one of them. I am sure that crime against Palestinians will not increase in Colorado due to this resolution as most Jews and especially the ones in colorado are very peaceful and civil. They showed respect for the pro Palestine speakers and held their tongue (for the most part).
    I conclude that seeing things in real life as opposed to social media or on the news clarified things for me…

  6. DK – you’re absolutely right. Aurora should have said nothing. Congress spoke and the President spoke and condemed the attacks early on and everyone else should have shut the hell up. Aurora City Council put their foot in their mouth by even bringing up a resolution as there’s no winners here. Both Democrats and Republicans on this City Council should be ashamed of themselves. I thought the Mayor was gonna break his hand with that gavel.

  7. This was amazing tv. An absolute joy to watch. Not for the lives lost. But to watch the full scope of voices speaking out on every side of an issue. For so long it drove the Mayor half-nuts, and he forgot his Mike was on repeatedly.
    This should’ve never been brought before the Council. From a physical standpoint, no resolution the City of Aurora passes will change either the lives that have been lost, nor the actions of the United States, Israel, Palestine, or anybody else. They do not control any army, nor can they make any reasonable impact on the conflict. Save for enhancing that conflict at the local level by bringing this to the table. The exact thing that shouldn’t have been done as lives continue to be lost. This was the exact thing they did.

    Look at the result. How close was the Council Hall to an actual confrontation? How many of those people, on multiple sides, left feeling slighted and angry by the same Council Majority that always does what it wants? Was this what you wanted, to bring that fighting home?

    What a Stupid thing to do. Especially right before an election. You caused a massive divide in the people right before an event where many of those same people will gather together to vote. On behalf of those you have further endangered with your Stupidity, thanks alot dumba**es. Thanks alot for making more people have to wonder who they have to watch for over their shoulders just before the holidays. Was it worth it, just to prove what your own stances were? The ones who wanted to be heard individually seemed to use social media like the rest of us just fine. To me personally, this was most of what this Aurora Council has produced. A waste of time, taxpayer dollars, and community effort that leads only to further division between the people of the City.

    But as someone who would happily see most of the people up for re-election in the City replaced, maybe this was for the best. So the people cannot forget or forgive who some of you choose to be when pressed. Selfish, egotistical, arrogant, borderline racist bags of slime masquerading as Humans that deserve respect. Got a problem with my view of you? Do something valid to prove me wrong. Tick tock, you’re running out of time.

  8. Imagine, voluntarily stepping into a quagmire half a world away and generations in the making. A quagmire that has refused resolution of some of the finest minds on the planet. A quagmire which can only serve to divide our population and drain limited staff resources. A quagmire clearly and unequivocally outside of council’s jurisdiction.

    I would be interested in an accounting of staff time used to produce this resolution. I would be interested in an accounting of staff time spent waiting for the discussion of this resolution at both study session and regular session to conclude. I am guessing between attorney’s, deputy city managers, department heads and staff there may have been twenty to fifty folks who had to sit around for over 5 non-productive hours between the two meetings. Add in the cost of additional police security which was evident and we have a massive waste of resources for a resolution which was clearly not city business but rather some personal agenda. This was shameful.

    Moving forward I now anticipate the opposite side in this intractable debate will want their turn. They will want their resolution. They will seek another wasteful and divisive public hearing. On top of that it is now entirely foreseeable there will be demonstrations at the city building by impassioned groups of demonstrators, the types of demonstrations the police have shown in the past they are ill-equiped to police, the type of demonstrations that lead to arrests, broken windows and fires in the city complex, and to lawsuits which enrich Misters Lane, Rathod, and Mohammedbhai.

  9. Hamas sympathizers gonna sympathize.

    I can think of about 1,400 reasons why CM Bergan was incensed enough to bring forward a resolution condemning Hamas’ atrocity. What glares through all the coverage is that not one single socialist or progressive council member cared enough about Ms. Jurinsky to reach out even once during this entire debacle–and she is the only Jewish member on the dais. But the antisemites sure gave her an earful at the meeting.

  10. I am opposed to any governing groups that incite violence or near-violence, as was the case at that meeting. Jurinsky broke up groups of people about to fight in the Council chambers and then she made a fiery speech that inflamed people more. The U.S. has got to get past so much anger and violence. Today we wake up to another mass shooting with 18 fatalities (Maine).

    The was way beyond the scope of a local city government and especially in Aurora, with many diverse groups of people. I am not sure what Council would expect to happen except what did (almost a physical fight, Jurinsky taunting the audience, cops parked outside, etc.)

    When will people get enough of this disgraceful Council? Coffman and Bergen, whose idea this was, are up for re-election. Vote them out.

  11. Note to Aurora City Council: after you solve local problems such as crime, homelessness, drug abuse, ozone pollution, and traffic congestion, feel free to solve the Middle East conflict. Until then, focus on making Aurora better.

  12. Fun fact: Aurora has streets named after a Palestinian city (Jericho Way and Court) but none after Israeli cities.

    1. Fun fact: Jericho was founded as a stone age settlement, not a Palestinian one. Palestine didn’t even exist as a concept until 132 AD, officially, and only then as a province.

      1. So? New York City was founded as a Dutch settlement, long before the United States existed as a concept. It’s an American city now, as Jericho is a Palestinian one.
        Aurora also has Bethany Drive, Place, and Circle as Palestinian street names.

  13. The writer of this article is clearly biased and misrepesentjng facts. Perhaps he should not be covering this subject. The article is filled with blood libels and accusation of genocide and insinuations of various crimes committed by Israeli, and therefore Jewish people, which is dangerous and anti-Semitic, not to mention poor journalism. Moreover, there is no such thing as Hamas “militants”, they are terrorists. Which is a fact. Also, they did not kill “at least 260 people.” They murdered over 1400 people, many of whom were children, including babies, and the elderly and they took over 200 hostages, many of whom are also children, including infants, and the elderly. Among those hostages are citizens of the United States. This are not allegations— they are facts. It was an act of war, and since there are rules of war, Israel has every right to respond. Hamas is a terrorist organization, whose goal is to wipe out Jewish people— all of them— from the face of the Earth. One thing I agree with in this article is that city council meetings are not places to resolve foreign lowlife, especially when the Jewish population is under represented in Aurora. What was the point of this article other than add fire to already dangerous situation and contribute to the continuous trauma of Jewish people. Do better, Max Levy.

  14. Here’s what the war is apparently about. Notice “right-wing gov”
    Meanwhile, Israel’s new far-right government was working to cement Israeli settlements in the West Bank despite Palestinian opposition.

    Hamas leaders say an Israeli crackdown on militants in the West Bank, continued construction of settlements — which the international community considers to be illegal — thousands of prisoners in Israeli jails, and its ongoing blockade of Gaza pushed it to attack.

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