Colorado State Representative Rhonda Fields, speaks to a colleague during a debate. Fields said she was shocked that her bill addressing cyberbullying failed this week at the Colorado Legislature (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

AURORA | Rhonda Fields announced today she will seek the Aurora state Senate seat being vacated by fellow Democratic legislator Morgan Carroll.

In an announcement on her website, Fields said she will seek the Senate District No. 29 seat in this fall’s election. Carroll, who is term-limited, has held the seat since 2009.

The district runs roughly from East Colfax Avenue south to East Mississippi Avenue, and the Denver/Aurora border east to the border between Arapahoe County and Elbert County.

Fields has been in the state House since 2011. She became active in state politics after her son, Javad Marshall-Fields, and his fiancee, Vivian Wolfe, were gunned down in 2005 just days before Marshall-Fields could testify in another shooting. Fields first worked on victim and witness issues before running for office in 2010.

11 replies on “Aurora’s Rhonda Fields announces bid for state Senate seat held by Morgan Carroll”

    1. Cafeful. Fields may sponsor some anti-free speech legislation. When promoting and discussing it, she’ll say “I’m not going to ALLOW people to say that.”

    2. Not quite, I’ve met Rep Fields and Sen. Carroll. Fields is as smart as a box of rocks, while Carroll is dangerously smart.

      No GOP is going to win that seat, so I hope they elect her and the Dim Caucus puts her into leadership!

      1. Sorry, you are only allowed to use at most 20 words per comment. High capacity comments are dangerous.

    1. To which she are you referring? Your description is rather broad and describes all of the progressives out there.

  1. I thought that Rhonda Fields, with her background in shoplifting and check fraud, was a perfect match for House District 42, which was represented for years by a notorious sexual predator. Whether Fields’ background recommends her for the Senate remains to be seen.

  2. .Maybe she should wait until one of the charges against Bill Cosby is proven in a court of law, or one woman brings forward one tiny shred of evidence that she is telling the truth, before destroying the most fundamental rights of all Americans, the right to have a jury trial before being found guilty. Witch hunt hysteria whipped up by the racist and misandrist mass media should never be the basis for laws. .

  3. the man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all…… now let’s rethink this RHONDA FIELDS 4

  4. wow, check out the hate in these posts….I find her to be a compassionate thoughtful woman and I am proud to support her.

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