A firework display is seen from Highline Park on July 4 in Aurora. (Heather L. Smith/Aurora Sentinel)

AURORA | Aurora’s annual Independence Day fireworks show is ready to erupt over the Great Lawn at City Hall on Tuesday.

The holiday celebrating America’s genesis as a country will be marked with a half-hour of fireworks beginning at 9:30 p.m. Before that, a lineup of bands including Conjunto Colores, Game Wizards and Syndicate will entertain at the municipal complex starting at 6:30 p.m.

The music and fireworks show are free.

The fireworks show is coordinated with a patriotic playlist broadcast live on HITS 95.7 FM radio, beginning with the fireworks at 9:30 p.m.

Food trucks will sell a variety of savory and frozen sweets during the event. Parking will be available on a first-come, first-served basis in the east, west and lower south lots. The complex is also a short walk from the nearest R Line light rail station.

Members of the public with a disability requiring an accommodation can contact Jessica Boles with the City of Aurora at jboles@auroragov.org.

The Black Cat fireworks stand in Parker. Some fireworks are now legal for purchase and use in Aurora. Photo by Philip B. Poston/The Sentinel

While some fireworks are legal to buy in Aurora between June 15 and July 4, the general public can only purchase and use fireworks that remain on the ground and don’t explode.

Aurora’s fire chief also has the authority to ban fireworks completely based on weather conditions and wildfire risk, though he’s yet to make that announcement.

Unsanctioned July 4 celebrations are already popping off across the city. For suspected violations of the city’s fireworks rules that don’t involve a life-threatening emergency, residents can call 303-627-5678 or send a message to www.auroragov.org/contactus.

Scofflaws face a fine of up to $2,650 and up to one year in jail as well as other fees and costs imposed by the court. For emergencies, residents will still be able to call 911.

More information about the city’s celebration can be found at bit.ly/46JqHQe.

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  1. Legalize fireworks. They are set off everywhere, anyway.
    Why not publishow to set offireworks asafely as possible along withe useless laws no one obeys?

    Keep fireworks away from flammables: dry weeds and grasses and evergreen bushes and trees.
    Have garden hoses connected, charged and extended athe ready. (We wet our coniferous trees using the garden hose.)
    Have a bucket full of water in which to drop hot sparkler wires.
    Light fuses with a punk so thathend, not fuse closer to the firework, is ignited.
    Never hold fireworks incase the fuse burns in quickly.
    Do not wear flammable, frilly clothing. Know STOP, DROP, ROLL
    Cool burns with cold water as quickly as possible.

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