AURORA | Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson announced Thursday she has fired officer Doug Wilkinson following a city investigation into a November email in which he mocked the department’s diversity policies.

The outspoken former president of the Aurora Police Association has been on administrative leave since Nov. 17, the day after police say he emailed 235 department employees to make his feelings known about reforms agreed to in the consent decree between the city and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

“The decree indicates that they want to replace as many of the department’s white males as possible with as many women and minorities,” Wilkinson wrote last November. “It’s as simple as that. To do that they are going to hire and promote non-whites and non-males wherever they can.

“To match the ‘diversity’ of ‘the community’ we could make sure to hire 10% illegal aliens, 50% weed smokers, 10% crackheads, and a few child molesters and murderers to round it out. You know, so we can make the department look like the ‘community,’” he said elsewhere in the email.

Five employees came forward to complain about the message, according to a news release shared Thursday by police.

Now, the roughly 20-year veteran of the department is out of a job, after Wilson sided with investigators who say Wilkinson’s email violated department policies against discrimination and harassment.

Wilkinson told the Sentinel that he plans to appeal the firing with the city’s civil service commission. On the topic of the email, he argued that “the point that I was trying to make was an accurate and fair one” and that he “honestly thought that the words I used were pretty understandable.”

“I knew this was coming, so it’s not like a surprise or something,” he said of the firing.

Wilkinson and the association have frequently found themselves at odds with the chief over her handling of departmental reforms in the wake of the 2019 death of Elijah McClain.

Wilkinson said he believes his history of conflict with Wilson played a role in her final decision to fire him, and that he had discussed the topic with the governing board of the association, but that it was “hard to say” exactly how significant it was in relation to the immediate situation with the email.

While Wilkinson is no longer eligible to serve on the board, he said he will still make himself available to advise the new president, Tony Cancino.

Aurora Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 49 has represented the majority of Aurora police officers as their collective bargaining unit since 2019. Marc Sears, president of the lodge, could not be reached immediately for comment.

36 replies on “Aurora cops fire union president after email decrying ‘crackheads, child molesters, illegal aliens’ as diversity”

  1. Fired for sending an email from a private account to other private accounts, that they opted-in to receive. Brilliant. It’s a shame that the offended five could not muster the spine to take it up with Ofc Wilkinson directly. Same five that are supposed to be so brave and courageous when we call them for help in our time of crisis. I will be praying they don’t have to encounter any more offensive (to them) language during the rest of their career. As for the chief, she sure is doing a bang up job for recruiting. What’s her head count up to now? Maybe we can put that running tally of fired officers on the departments website, next to the police applications. Surely she is proud of such a statistic since that’s all we typically hear from her.

    1. The problems faced by our PD are endemic across the Country and not reflective of any single chief.

      1. I would venture to guess the leaders that did not literally bend their knee to the vocal minority of blm, are doing just fine drawing applicants. I will acknowledge that some of the house cleaning was necessary. However, when all she can do is parade that act and no other accomplishments, she needs to go.

      2. Only endemic in cities run by communists. Since we got new council members this mess needs to be fixed.

        Fire the chief.

      3. Only endemic in cities run by communists. Since we got new council members this mess needs to be fixed.

        Fire the chief…

    2. I like how Justin feels these cops had no right to report something in their workplace that offended them, because they did not confront the guy first. He used the work email account of a publicly funded position to email his coworkers. Saying the city these officers live and work in is “10% illegal aliens, 50% weed smokers, 10% crackheads, and a few child molesters and murderers to round it out” Not to mention the inference that minorities just able to make minimum requirements.

      People do not have to put up with such a hostile working environment in the rest of working America. Why aren’t these officers given the same rights as workers?

      I bet you say you support the police, just not these police? SMH…

      1. The email was sent from a PRIVATE account (hotmail, gmail, etc.), not a government account. He used that account to email union membership on their private accounts (see above), that they submitted their own private account addresses, to receive correspondence. So yes, they literally chose to take offense to whatever was shared in that email.

        As far as the hyperbole of the department makeup, thats on you, I can’t make you understand humor.

        Nationwide, departments have lowered hiring standards to appeal to those minorites, hoping to mirror the community they police….fact, not his opinion. Look at the agencies that still have college degrees as requirements for employment, you hardly ever see Lakewood PD in the news. If you noticed, the majority (not all) of the news stories regarding troubling police behavior are relatively younger cops hired under the continuing lowered standards. Body cameras oviously help with awareness but why don’t you see the salty vets that were brought up in the rough and tumble “good old days” making headlines? Surely they would be so set in their ways that they would be tripped up by all the cameras around? Doesn’t happen.

        After the way the cops have been taught to kneel down for the BLM folk, I guessed their skin would be a little thicker than what they’ve shown here. Call me old fashioned but maybe confronting Ofc Wilkinson instead of crying to mommy, who is already in hyper-fire mode, would been a better way to treat your co-worker. Possible side effect would be to raise the morale of those around you, knowing that your buddy today isn’t trying to curry favor with the chief tomorrow.

  2. This headline does not accurately describe what happened. The Chief of Police fired a former union head. The members in the current police union haven’t done anything, according to the article.

    Write better headlines.

  3. Well, this is what happens when you flunk diversity class. Ofc. Wilkinson’s retaking the sought-after and hard to get inclusion certificate better be taken seriously this time if he knows what good for him…
    This chief is clueless – but checks all the progressive boxes well.
    CM Jurinsky, along with so many cities voters are done with chief Wilson. The employment lawsuit that will follow this firing might be what it takes. Maybe this is the finial leap.

  4. Now they will say he had the “freedom of speech” to lambaste his fellow citizens. Well, not while on the job or while representing his fellow officers and the citizens of Aurora. While he was at it, there are a few other groups he could have thrown in there. But the ones he mentioned are not part of the inclusion we seek as a society, as they all constitute illegal activity. The statement was not only false, but did not reflect, in any shape, form or fashion, what constitutes “diversity” at the societal level.

    We understand that many cops (usually older ones) are angry, and that they talk like this when they are “out of earshot,” like when they gather in bars. Unfortunately, it is a reflection of what they really think about the citizens they serve. We tolerate it because–well–we need them and there are not people to replace them. But when they make such remarks publicly, we need to decry them. And if you think these remarks are bad, you should hear what they say about women, gays, blacks, Hispanics and Muslims–again out of the public earshot. No one is ever going to change their thinking, and the best we can do is hope this is not reflected in the performance of their official duties.

    When will people in the public eye ever learn to stop putting incriminating remarks into an official form of communication? It represents a lack of smarts to me.

    1. Well sir, it appears YOU have established a bigoted opinion, stating as fact, on how cops think and what they in private venues. Your ignorance and hypocrisy negates anything intelligent you may have had to say.

      Although I DO NOT agree with Wilkinson’s statements verbatim. He does make a point if the PD HAS to hire and promote people based on race or sex to meet a mandate. It’s called a “quota”. But I digress. If he is on a private email, off duty, sending emails to a private subscriber list the “1st Amendment” will apply. Being boorish is not being racist of bigoted.
      Ask several of your city council members who claimed 1st amendment privileges whe. Speaking out against Republicans ss cultists and calling the police “systematicly racist”. Double standards?

      I’m sure Wilkinson will enjoy his 6 figure settlement on a beach somewhere.

  5. I think I’ve got this. Five employees come forward with complaints about the email. Over 400 officers come forward complaining about the leadership, the Chief, of the APD about the same time.

    Seems like the Chief has the authority to fire whomever she believes deserves it.
    Seems like Doug has a reasonable case against the City, if he is desirous. Then the inept Civil Service Commission will get into the middle of this. What is happening to my City?

    Where is the City Manager who has the authority to fire the Chief? Guess he doesn’t put the two situations together. I do.

    1. Don, your knees must be incredibly sore since you spend most of your time on them. They sell pads at Home Depot, give them a try.

      1. Good Citizen, I wish I had any idea, of what you are trying to say about me. I suppose it’s an insult but I just don’t get it.

        Maybe it’s about prayer, maybe sexual. A word of advice, if you want to insult someone be specific so they can understand your hatred.

        1. Dick:
          Specifically you are contstantly on your knees to your favorite thugs. Have you been a coward for all your life or did you recently take it up?

  6. The Union head was addressing the consent decree in a letter to the members of the union. I would say that the majority of the union members feel the same way. The statements by the Attorney General about racial disparity are distorted. You cannot maintain a ratio of arrests and use of force when the portion of the population you are dealing with are disproportionately involved in crime. Trying to ignore facts and force a proportionate ratio ignores facts and keeps officers from doing the job necessary to protect the public. The union head was making light of that ridiculous effort. It was to his members, most of whom understood exactly what he was saying about the absurdity. Further, as former DA Brauchler pointed out, Attorney General Weiser is ignoring the fact that Denver and progressive Boulder have even more disproportionate ratios. The liberal attempt to make everything even, without regard to facts, is hurting everyone. If we ignore the black gangster to make everything even, the black community suffers more than the rest of us. Chief Wilson, the legislature, and Weiser cannot afford open discussion and facts. Thomas Sowell, a black economist and researcher, pointed out that this present use of race is the “invincible fallacy”. You are automatically deemed a racist if you speak against it. Facts don’t matter. The public safety doesn’t matter. For the police officers who care about doing their jobs and protecting the public, this gross dishonesty and unwillingness to address facts is infuriating. This is especially true since the people who are doing it pose as guardians of justice. Professional police officers are angry. You should be glad they care enough to be angry. The political correctness without regard for the public safety is a hallmark of those who are now in charge.

    1. “Professional police officers” are angry because the public, of any color, is on to their scam. How long have you been a welfare recipient Don? How many years have you sucked money out of the public coffers? We always follow the money, Don. It really doesn’t matter if you kill, beat up, write tickets or give meaningless directives to people. The point is that you’re a bum and you are on the dole. Working people know that and you can’t spot the usual suspects by skin color anymore. (Look at the folks that attacked the Capitol last year) They aren’t listening to you because you refuse to work for a living. Get a job.

      1. I could be wrong here, Good Citizen, but if you frequently read these Sentinel comments, you would know that Don Black is an ex copper and either is or was a college professor which would make him probably never on the dole.

        My advice to you is to change your name as it seems to be an anomaly.

        1. Dick
          Both would make him a feeder at the public through. Its always amusing how phoney “conservatives” like yourself love that man in uniform that is stealing your tax money.

  7. Cancino would be wise to tell Wilkinson that he doesn’t need or want his advice, and to just go away. Good riddance.

  8. We are in a time and place where it is just the thing to do- Lets be offended and lets get someone fired because they disagree. In this case you decide. If you want the Police or any government department to reflect the look of the community they represent… do you not need 60 cultural groups and the bad as well as the good? Freedom of speech has been compromised when we cant take the truth even if we don’t lite the words to describe it.

  9. All the white men agree with the white man, so it must be true? If you are not a white man, you are not qualified? If you are a white man saying racist, sexist things then it must be true because other white men agree?

    The common denominator is that white men think other white men are always right and objective and fair. White men think they are better by default.

    White men have, data and facts don’t lie, run the private and public sector since the formation of this country. Now, all they can do is whine and cry like babies when the rest of us say, “Enough, already!”

    White men will say that the country is worse because of diversity. That life was better when “others” knew their place. That “others” are the problem as women and colored people are not qualified to be a part of decision-making.

    White men will always prop up white men.

    The comments here are dominated by white men who support a white man who degrades people who are not white men.

    A white man is held accountable and other white men lose their minds!

    White men like this are delicate snowflakes who cannot handle being treated like everyone else. Wah wah wah!

    1. ARH, I wish I had your talent to tell the color of the skin and sex of people responding in these comments of the Sentinel. If I did, it might allow me to understand some comments better. Alas, I don’t.

  10. Her move was to effectively shut up any opposition to her and her sycophant chiefs office. Seems she was successful, now officers will not voice opinions at all, she will have her Sheeple Department the city wants her to have.
    “For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing”

  11. The editor needs to check with the Department of Redundancy Department. “He came under publicized criticism after writing an email missive to members critical of moves by the state and police leaders to reform the beleaguered department.” An email IS a missive!

  12. It must be difficult to maintain an upbeat and positive perspective on the entirety of the city’s population when one’s job has them in daily contact with the criminal subset of that population. It would become easy to mistake that subset for the whole. Could the Chief have worked to restore Officer Wilkinson to a healthy outlook? Maybe she could have. That she chose to not do so is understandable, I suppose, since an armed presence on our streets with a negative, even potentially hostile attitude is a liability concern and could bring into further question the moral legitimacy of the Department as a whole.

    I worry and wonder, sometimes, whether our public discourse, rancorous as it often is, is detrimental to the outlook of our officers. I suspect it may be so.

    1. There is no criminal subset. Any given individual you meet on any given day would pull out grannie’s gold teeth if they could hold her down long enough. The armed presence that you refer to is every bozo in America with a gun. And yes, they all, every one of them have a “hostile” attitude. It’s your next-door neighbor, the guy with 2.5 kids that attends the local mega church each Sunday, that is packing the heat and the cops know it. They can’t spot the enemy by his skin color or if he is sleeping on a sidewalk anymore. It’s difficult to know who to kill or beat up because some middle-aged white guy with enough money can strip your implied immunity, have you fired and hauled off the state pen. Taxpayers are getting bored with laying out billions of dollars to some ineffective clown in a blue gang costume, with enough tattoos for a circus freak. It isn’t discourse that has been detrimental to “officers”, it has been their own fear, laziness and stupidly. Let’s pay for the investigation of crime, money better spent then for protection, which “officers” neither want or can provide.

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