AURORA | Rev. Jesse Jackson is scheduled to visit Aurora on Thursday to address gun control in light of last week’s theater massacre.

Pastor Thomas Mayes of Living water Christian Center Church in Aurora said the civil rights activist will tour Aurora, meet with the family of one of the victims and hold a press conference.

The press conference is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Thursday at James Holmes’ apartment at 1690 Paris St. Holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 more at the Century Aurora 16 theater July 20.

Mayes said Jackson will discuss gun control.

“We’re looking at the issue of gun control, that’s one of the main things we want to push,” Mayes said.

Police say Holmes’ used an AR-15 assault rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and a .40-caliber pistol during the rampage. They say he also wore bullet-resistant body armor from head to feet.

Mayes, whose church is at 1585 Kingston St., said he hopes the event can shine a light not only on gun-control issues, but on some of the crime problems in the north Aurora neighborhood where Holmes lived.

Earlier this month, a pastor was shot during a robbery a few blocks away and Mayes said crime in general is on the rise in the area.

“We have a problem of Aurora being in more or less a state of denial that we have any problems,” he said.

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  1. Good afternoon people. First of all my deepest sympathies go out to the family & friends of this tragedy Second of all I feel it is great that Rev. Jesse Jackson and others ar stepping forward to speak out in favor of some type of gun Control. It isa shame that our political leaders and other politicians remain tight lipped on the issuie of stricter guns laws seeing how this isa presidential year for voting. They don’t want to ruffleany feathers with the high powered deep pocket NRA or Gun Lobbyist. My position as average Joe citizen is different. With that said I am  in favor of the 2nd Amendment in the right to bear arms as long as you know howand when to usea gun. However in lew of this sensless violence and mass executions… Tighter measure on purchasing are needed. Such as mandatory urine testing before purchasing along with indepth psychc weapoiatric evaluations…Also what is the need for assault weapons with 100 round barrel clips that you can purchase on line? Shouldn’t that have been awarning flag when you can purchase 6000 rounds of ammonution in two months time? Therefore we are also calling for a Command Center Control data base for purchases of exotic weapons and large purchase of ammo and armor. I mean you don’t need all that to go deer hunting. If intrested in helpin. We have started a petition on facebook. That will be sent to Congress.  Please go to   when you see the picture of the Glock 9 millimeter anda Statement to Congress calling for all that is mentioned above. If you agree please sign. Thank you John Holmes   Ps… Not related to the shooter 

    1. Once the race-baiters leave town, don’t know how they can possibly find this racist, but they will some how, we’ll have a discussion about the possible reduction in the amount of ammo on gun can hold.  BTW, the 100 round clip he purchased I believe was illegal or imported or both.

      ‘Government can control an unarmed population much easier than one that is armed’

    2. With respect, Jesse Jackson isn’t coming to town to console anyone. He’s coming to town for free publicity.
      The media incorrectly reported and continues to report incorrectly that his tactical vest was bulletproof. Tactical vests are for holding ammunition and are as bulletproof as a regular shirt.
      Hanged if I can figure out why someone wants a 100 round drum magazine, but hanged if I can figure out why someone would buy a Hummer either. There is a reason that the military doesn’t use them, they jam. Just as the shooter’s magazine jammed.
      I CAN see 6000 rounds of ammunition for target shooters. I used to fire competition and could easily use that within two months when training up for a competition.

      What I see you wanting to do is have people take tests to utilize a right. What is next? Voting IQ tests? Free speech mental health examination before being permitted to speak?
      Now, go look online for body armor. See how difficult it is to get. Helmets are easy. Body armor at threat IV are military and police items for any reputable dealer.
      Your term of exotic weapons is specious, as exotic weapons are title 3 or title 2 weapons, which are heavily restricted!
      Meanwhile, law abiding citizens are punished by restricting their rights, forcing them to pay for psychological examinations before they have a right, which has then turned the Bill of Rights into a Bill of Optionals and the criminals will STILL ignore the law. The insane will STILL acquire explosives (why did you forget THAT part?) and weapons.
      To restrict a right because of criminal activity or the activities of the insane would be like restricting a town from the privilege of driving because of one reckless driver in the town.
      But, one pet peeve of mine is the lack of compliance by the states in entering those with mental health issues into the national database like they’re supposed to.

  2. Jesse Jackson is nothing but a racist…he needs to be tared, feathered and run out of town.

  3. Is Sharpton next?  Can they possibly find a racist meaning in this massacre?  Oh sure, everything that happens, well not if it involves the bad deed being committed by a black,  is racist.  We need Jackson like we need another Obama.

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