On the road: Puebloans serious about their green chile-smothered burritos

According to Bob Bell of Pueblo, the city’s best breakfast burrito is served at The Pantry. “Their smothered breakfast burrito with a sprinkling of lettuce and tomatoes is about the happiest way we know to start our day. For us, it wa€™s way too big so we split it and share.” (Courtesy photo)

Its ingredients — tortilla, meat, beans, vegetables, rice, eggs, potatoes — are simple. Made the right way, however, a burrito can soothe a soul.
Don’t let us convince you; just read the words of Pueblo (CO) Chieftain readers and food lovers. They liken their favorite burrito to, among other things, Mama’s home cooking, and the perfect end-of-the-world meal.

El Nopal
The burrito I judge all others by is the Monster with hot green chile, from El Nopal (1435 E. Evans Ave.). For 44 years I have been devouring this wrapped compilation of beans, ground beef, rice and other magically herbed goodies, swimming (okay, sedentary) in a pool of simmering green chile: mind you, a green chile concocted with clandestine seasonings that have remained the same for all these years. Well, if the Mayans are right about 2012, one bucket-lister is the Monster at El Nopal.
Ray Davis
Colorado City

Taco Casa
The best burrito is at Taco Casa (23050 U.S. 50 East in Blende, 2104 N. Norwood Ave. and 704 W. 29th St.). It deserves that status because of the size: You better be hungry. There are incredible choices of chile, ranging from mild (why bother, except it has flavor), medium (OK, we’re moving in on the heat), hot (hello, bring me water) and finally my favorite: super hot (I just think one should feel just a little pain with their chile).
Jane Utley

The best burrito I have found is at Adolfo’s (4104 Outlook Blvd. and 3056 W. Northern Ave.): the carne asada burrito. I would drive on icy roads to get one. It is filled with marinated carne asada which is grilled, rolled up in a delicious tortilla with pico de gallo and guacamole. To top it off they have several salsas; my favorite is the green spicy. It wakes up my taste buds and fills me up for a great start to the day (and they’re) open 24 hours a day!
Ron Lamaak

Mill Stop Cafe
When El Burro at the Mill Stop Cafe (317 Bay State Ave.) is brought to my table, I instantly feel happy and anticipate genuine feelings of fulfillment. El Burro is loaded with flavor and textures that complement one another: beef, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, guacamole and sour cream, all stuffed in a very large flour tortilla and smothered with green or red chile.
Lenny Ruiz

Rojas Restaurante Mexicano (877 E. Enterprise Drive, Pueblo West) loco burrito special is beef/bean/green chile and jalapeno, lots of cheese, lettuce, rice and beans. It’s served on a turkey platter and in all weighs a whopping seven pounds. That’s the size of a newborn baby! If you can eat it all, it’s free.
Carol Malson
Branson, Mo.

Mi Ranchito II (525 S. Pueblo Blvd.) consistently produces a very tasty chicharron burrito. The filling is bite-sized bits of deep-fried pork fat and it comes lathered in a to-die-for green chile sauce laden with more pork. The generous helping is often overwhelming.
Bill Baillie

I think Mama Rojas (2648 Santa Fe Drive, in Blende) serves the best breakfast burrito in Pueblo. The potatoes, egg and onion, and whatever else they put in, are really tasty. I order chorizo in it. It is smothered with excellent hot green or red chile.
Eric Lucero

• You won’t find the best burrito in town at a local restaurant. Instead, you’ll have to venture out on a Friday or Saturday night to Adrian’s Tacos, a food truck parked on the corner of Lake and Joliet avenues. They serve a mouthwatering array of burritos and street tacos — barbacoa, asada, al pastor (marinated, roasted pork), to name a few — that are generously filled with succulent meats, onions, cilantro and salsa. All that is garnished with lime wedges and Serrano chiles.
Richard Espinoza

Burrito’s Betty breakfast burrito (2401 N. Elizabeth St.): The texture of the tortilla is super; egg, bacon grilled just right and potatoes home fried. Then comes the Pueblo green chile, the best flavor there is. This is homestyle cooking at its best.
Steve Cordova

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Juli Moore
Juli Moore
9 years ago

Those are all great places to eat at. Thanks for listing them, we’ll have to try them soon. I wonder where they get their chile from? We’ve had problems in the past finding chile but recently we ordered fresh Hatch green chile from DiazFarms.com, and couldn’t be happier with the taste.

Thanks for the restaurant tips.
Juli Moore