Colorado Food News: Mountain resort offers Mercedes fungi foray


The Associated Press reports that for $200 a person, the Four Seasons Resort Vail is sending out guided expeditions in luxury SUVs to look for mushrooms. The Mushrooms & Mercedes program includes coffee and pastries, a lunchtime break with wine, cheese and prosciutto, and ends with a three-course mushroom-themed meal cooked by Executive Chef Jason Harrison.


Longmont kid campaigns for ‘Don’t Give, Ask’ straw policy

The Associated Press reports that an 11-year-old Longmont boy is expanding his 18-month-old Straw Wars campaign calling on restaurants to offer plastic straws when serving drinks, rather than serve them automatically to every customer. Milo Cress picked plastic straws because over a lifetime, the average American is said to use nearly 40,000 straws. According to Simply Straws, a maker of reusable glass straws, more than 500 million disposable plastic straws are used every day. “The goal is to reduce the use and waste of plastic straws that go into our landfill, and to encourage restaurants to adopt an offer-first policy, where the servers offer straws instead of putting one in every drink automatically,” Cress said. Even the National Restaurant Association has recognized “Offer-First” as a best practice.


Top new U.S. bars includes Denver spot

The website recent list of the Top 10 new bars in the U.S. including Denver’s Williams & Graham: “To enter Williams & Graham, drinkers walk through a faux bookstore and past a bookcase into the dark, sexy space. Cocktails include the altitudinally appropriate Smoky Mountain (a mix of local honey vodka and mezcal).”


Hershey’s apologizes after rusty razor blade found in Jolly Rancher candy

According to, Hershey’s issued an apology after a consumer reported finding a rusty razor blade in a bag of Jolly Rancher candy. Jolly Rancher was originally a Colorado company.

– Staff and wire service reports